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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hail to the Chief, Bitchez!


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My first act? Dissolve the government, appoint myself Grand Empress Supreme and establish a heritary monarchy. (With my lovely Kady taking over after me, of course.) Thin will be OUT. Boys will be HOT and MAKE SENSE. There will be no more Mr. Fuck and Run. No! It's time for Mr. Fuck and STAY!

Oh, and all neocons will be conscripted and forced to fight in their own damned wars.


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Monday, July 23, 2007

This is all

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

And so I'm left wanting. . .

I saw the new Harry Potter yesterday. It's not a bad movie, but I left the theatre feeling that there were huge gaps in the story. Granted, trying to condense that huge book into a two hour movie means lots of things get left out. But still. . .

While there was clearly a story, it didn't seem to be quite that big a deal. The sense of isolation that Harry feels in the books doesn't quite come across on the film. His relationship with Cho is truncated and rather, well, pointless in the film, except to set Cho up to be the one to betray the Army. (Wait. You didn't know that? Sorry. Spoilers and all that. The books been out for ages!)

Normally in the films, the passage of time is clear. Not so much in this one. I mean, there was the mention of Christmas, then they were taking their OWLs and I guess we were supposed to just assume that an entire year was going by, but it didn't feel that way at all. For all I knew, this all could have taken place in a week. The history of the Order is lacking, the whole plot about the House Elves is gone, no one explains who Creature (I know, I know, I spelled that wrong but I don't have the book at hand to find out the right spelling. Deal.) is and who his Mistress is and why he's so important. And they redid the death scene.

Harry's relationship with his godfather isn't as pronounced as it should have been. This is his last link to his parents, in a way. This is the last of his family. This is his chance at having what other children take for granted -- a parent who loves him. If you haven't seen the other films, you miss how imporant this relationship is. Also, no mention of the horcruxes or Aurors. (Yeah, I realize I'm not spelling things right. I've had a migraine for a week, and it's threatening to come back. Sue me.) Who do you make this movie and skip that?

There were some things I liked, however. Delores Umbridge? So evil. So wonderfully, sweetly, beautifully evil. I adored her. Imelda Stanton knocks her role outta the park. (And well, she always does, doesn't she?) Jenny totally kicks ass with that spell of hers. Not even Harry can manage that one. Fred and George's goodbye to Hogwarts? Awesome. Gotta love the twins. And the acting all around was good as ever. But this felt like the first half of a much longer film. I'm hoping, that since so much was left out of this movie and there's not a whole lot going on in Half-Blood Prince, that they're going to combine them into one better movie. Hopefully. It's not a bad flick, for what it is, and if you've never read the books, it'll be fine. But if you've read the books, you're going to find soooooo much missing.

Also, Natalia Tena, the girl in the pic who plays Tonks? Soooo fucking gorgeous. Best part of the movie ;)
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

That's right. I rule.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Racism in rural Louisiana

I've been following this story probably longer than most people have been -- it started while I was still working at The Town Talk which was waaaay before it made the international news. The basics of the case can be read here as well as in the Town Talk archives. (If you have time, go read the forums there. Most of the comment threads are under the News listing and you'll see what I mean when I say racism is so totally alive in rural Louisiana. Particularly, I was pissed by the thread What nooses?. Check out this one and this one too.)

I'm not going to talk too much about the specifics of this case, except to say that I believe racism is playing a great huge part in the conviction of (so far at least one) of these boys. I believe it's the reason they were arrested, it was the reason they were charged with such a ridiculous charge and it's why the DA is being so insistant on prosecuting them so quickly. That's not to say that the boys, if they are in fact guilty of assaulting another boy, do not deserve to be punished. But they deserve to be punished no more severely than a white person would be. (In fact, a white person assaulted a black person in the week or so before this incident took place. He was charged with simple assault, which is a misdemeanor. If these boys were charged with the same thing (instead of attempted murder!), this would not be receiving nearly as much attention as it is now.)

This case spiraled out of control, as so many other incidents do in rural Louisiana. (And I'm confining my remarks to La., but that's where I've lived all my life. It's a place I know rather well, although I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised to find the same thing happening in other places. I just don't live there, so I can't say for certain.) The second those nooses were hung in that tree, it should have been, and could have been, squashed immediately. Long term suspension of the boys involved, perhaps removal to the local alternative school, could have sent a clear message that this would not be tolerated. Assemblies to address the issue could have been held. A genuine attitude of seriousness from the faculty could have helped. An acknowledgement that, yes, racism does happen and that no, it will not be tolerated at this school wasn't too much to ask.

Or, it shouldn't have been. But this is rural Louisiana. And we've heard it a hundred thousand times. And dammit, no one else can tell us how to behave.

After the fire at the high school (which, to be fair, has not been proved to be linked in any way to these incidents although the possiblity remains), there was still time to step up. After the first student was assaulted at an off-campus party, there was time. There was time up until the moment it exploded. But no one stepped in, or those who did step in were not powerful enough, their voice wasn't loud enough, to stop things. And now we have this mess. Again. I don't hold much hope that the remaining boys will be given reduced sentences, nor do I have much hope they'll get an impartial trial. Their trials need to be moved out of Jena. Their juries need to be racially mixed. And for gods sake, no one on the juries should be related to the witnesses or good friends of the DA!

As for the defense Bell received -- I've covered trials in which his lawyer was on the defense. Yes, Blaine Williams is a black man. Yes, he works as a public defender. And the other trial I saw him cover (a serial rape trial) he also did not call any witnesses or put on a defense. (Although, in that case, the police had a confession, DNA evidence, multiple victims on the stand and items taken from the victims in his home, so their case was decidedly stronger than this one.) To be clear, no defendent is required to call any witnesses or put on any defense. The burden of proof falls squarely on the prosecution. The jury is not allowed to hold the fact that no witnesses were called against the defendent. However, in practice, not calling any witnesses or offering any alternate theories makes people wonder what you're hiding. And while you may not be hiding a damned thing, it doesn't look good. Williams is also, like all public defenders down here, doubtlessly overwhelmed by cases and truely does not have time, nor the funding, to fully investigate each case like it should be. (Which is a failing of the system. We've had problems with the PD system all over the place, most notably in New Orleans.)

Which points out another problem -- these boys are, for the most part, from middle and/or lower class families. (Which isn't saying a whole lot -- most people in rural Louisiana are.) They cannot afford to pay for their own lawyers nor even for bail. And so, the cards are stacked against them. I'd like to believe that Bell's case will be overturned on appeal, but this is Louisiana. Jesus himself could come down and say the guy was innocent and it wouldn't help.

The thing is, most people aren't willing to admit to any form of racism. They don't treat black people any differently than anyone else, they'll say. And mostly, they're right. It's not the actions, so much as the attitude. If a black person is arrested, well of course they're guilty. If a white person is arrested? Well, there may have been a mistake. There could be an explaination. And if they are both guilty of doing the same thing? Well, it makes sense somehow for the black person to get a longer sentence/harsher charge. Why? Because we don't want those other black people to get any ideas, see? But no, no. They're not racist. God, no. They just want order, you see. And everyone knows how Those People are. . .

There are still people here, mostly older, who still refer to black people as Darkies or Colored. (Hell, some of them just stick straight to N-r. Unfortunately, some of them are in my family. Makes me wanna hit 'em with a brick.) And it is worse, from what I've seen, in northern Louisiana. Once you get past eh, Mamou? It's scary. I wouldn't want to be a black person there, that's for damned sure. Even the black people I've worked with, who are clearly educated and /not/ in anyway thugs or whatever you wanna call it, have been harassed in my pressence. Once, at a stoplight, someone pulled up to the care my co-worker was in (he being a black man), knocked on his window and asked him "Where the weed at?". Because, clearly, a black man would know that. Not, ya know, the little skinny white boy dealers that are all over the place. *sigh* And while we laughed about it, and no one was hurt in any way, that attitude is clearly a problem. Black men know where to get drugs. Why? Because they're black! And they know this stuff!

Anyway, I don't think it's possible for these boys to get a fair trial here. Not in Jena, anyway. Not in any rural Louisiana parish. Hell, maybe not anywhere in Northern Louisiana, not now. And I think most people would agree that, if they are guilty, then they should be charged with an appropriate change and pay an appropriate penalty. But kicking a boy with a tennis shoe does not deserve going to jail for 20+ years. (And really...when was the last time a frigging Tennis Shoe was considered a deadly weapon? I mean....steel-toed boots, I'd buy. But a tennis shoe? Come on.)

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Random question

What is it that makes men want to keep their damned watches on during sex? Seriously. All the men I've been with, they all kept the bloody thing on. What are they doing? Are they timing their performance? Are they trying to break some sorta speed record? What's up with that anyway? Don't they get that the damn things can hurt when you get smacked in the (fill in body part here) with it? Bah.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Randomly. . .

Sorry. I'm not dead. I feel much like it, but no. In the last few days, the Lupus has decided to flare it's ugly, ugly head and bite me. I've been having serious problems focusing and moving the last two days, so. . .that's why there are not updates. And oh, I've got things I want to talk about...I just can't remember them at the moment :(

Also, I want a kitten. Seriously. In a bad, visceral, I'm going to cry way.
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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Deconstructing Mr. Fuck and Run

Well, I'm well and truely done with the Boy, from here on out to be known as Mr. Fuck and Run. Why? Because that's what he does.

After his first stint of sex, then silence he came back to me, all apologetic and sweet. I punished him for a bit, making him apologize and grovel a bit. It was fun. Then, since he was being sweet and I was decidedly horny, I let him back in. He came over, oh almost two weeks ago. We had some nice kinky sex and he left. (BTW, medical tape is great if you don't have rope or leather straps. And yes, Mermi, you can indeed get it at Target. I checked.) I told him, as he was leaving, that he'd better not go another month without talking to me or I wouldn't be letting him back in again. He said, "Oh, don't worry. It'll never happen." I said, I've got a five day vacation coming up. Find some time and come over and we can do this again.

Have I heard from him? Only one simple word. When I told him my ankle was still marked from the tape, he said: sorry. That's it. No other communication at all. My vaca came and went and did I? Well, yes. But not with any help from Mr. Fuck and Run. And so, it's been almost two weeks and no word from him again, although I know he's around, because he's on Yahoo Messenger. And so, I am done with him. I don't know what I'll do about sex, because I'm horny like crazy now, but oh well. He's worked himself outta lots of sex and he's got only himself to blame. I'm not merely some hole for him to avail himself of when he chooses.

And the thing is, if that's what we had agreed upon I wouldn't have a problem with it. But see, we had agreed to a friends with benefits deal. Which was great, except he seemed to think, once we'd had sex, he could skip the friends part. In fact, he seemed to think he could forget to 'acknowledge her when she speaks to me, unless I happen to want to have sex that day'. Which still, would have been workable, except ya know, when /I/ wanted to have sex, he was unreceptive. When I was all 'throw me on the floor and take me NOW!' he was....not responsive. Not talking to me. Not acknowledging me.

And so...no sex for him.

Here's the thing, he thought he was a lot better than he was. He is under the impression, dear sweet boy, that he's really well hung. Now, the fact is, he's not bad, but he's not exactly anything to write home about. Just about average, really. Nice and straight, but a little on the thin side. And well, despite being young, he's not got a ton of staying power. He had potentional, but seemed adverse to any direction. Trying to keep his fingers on my clit was a chore. I mean, when a woman takes your hand, puts it on her naked body and shows you how to touch her -- LISTEN.

And he was so damned quiet. Who is completely silent when they're having sex? Particularly kinky, rough sex? Well, Mr. Fuck and Run, that's who. I'm getting into it, and he's just....quiet. I mean, how can you work with that? I ask him what he wanted and he was...well, not exactly verbal. And he didn't seem to want to show me either. So, I don't know. I got the distinct feeling he didn't like being offered advice, like he bought into that whole 'men just KNOW how to make a woman orgasm.'

And, frankly, he wasn't nearly as rough as he thought he was. Maybe it's just me, but if you're tying me up and trying to be the Bad Guy, it helps if you, oh I don't know, use your hands or talk or....I don't know, do something more than fuck. *sigh*

But still, I liked having sex, but it was more about having sex, not so much sex with him. And I want to have more sex. But I'm looking for someone a bit more...into me and my personal pleasure. This Boy has no idea how much I was willing to do with him and, frankly, he never will. Because the next time he comes asking? Eh. I don't think I'll be in the mood.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

So, what brings you to my little corner of the Internets?

Just a few search terms that have sent people my way:

  • pictures of slightly overweight women in clothes
  • she says i swear too much she says a lot of things (Is there such thing as too much swearing? I think not.)
  • sometimes i make myself cum at work (How pleasant for you! Just make sure to wash your hands before returning to work.)
  • penis of 16 years boyfucking (Well. Rest assured, any penis pictures posted here will not be of 16-year-old boys. I make like my men young, but they must be legal.)
  • im in such a bad fucking mood (Then you've come to the right place. Vent away!)
  • drink turpentine (Rather not, thanks. And I don't think you should either. If life is that bad, think instead of the years of revenge you can reak on those that have pissed you off by continuing to live!)
  • jessica odell, new orleans (While I love New Orleans, I am not Jessica O'Dell. Sorry.)
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