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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Read more blogs

Looking for something new to read? I know you are! Well, come on over to the new group blog I'm on The New Sincerity. You won't find anything depressing or earth shattering over there, but you will find things that make us happy. Yes, indeed, a blog devoted entirely to things that truly, honestly make us happy. No irony, no hipster posing, just honest happiness and enjoyment.

Because really, doesn't the world make you upset enough? Do you really need to come home and read blog after blog about heartache and pain? Or about hipsters who IRONICALLY like things. Are those people capable of genuine appreciation and affection? Well, who knows. WE are! And we want to share out happiness. So, stop by, give us a link. We've just gotten started, so we're a bit low on posts at the moment, but we'll be posting more soon. Go on, you know you want to be happy!

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