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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today in Louisiana stupid. . .

Our Legislature is in session and boy, are they having fun!

First up: Abortion!
Soon, all women seeing an abortion will have to have an "obstetrics ultrasound" before the procedure. It's not spelled out, but that's probably one where they use the probe. And there was a fight to get the bill watered down! As it stands, the woman can elect to not hear any information or view the photograph of the ultrasound that she will recieve. As originally worded, women would not have had a choice! They'd have been forced to watch the ultrasound, while the doctor decribed in detail what it showed AND she would have been forced to look at the picture. Go, La.! Soon, we'll be as bad as Oklahoma.

Next up: Guns! AND Religion!Yes,soon you will be allowed to bring your handgun to church with you. If your pastor says it's OK. It's just like the Bible says, "Jesus wept because the Pharasees wouldn't let him bring his Glock into the Temple. So he passed a law and busted a cap in their asses."

And lastly: Drugs and Welfare Queens Because nothing says Compassion like taking away benefits from children when their mother's on drugs.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh yeah. . .

I haz a blog! Doh!

So....I am now an officially married woman. Yay me!

We got married March 5, at a little chapel in New Orleans, just the two of us. It was lovely. So far, so good. The government wants MORE money from us so Emmy can get her work permit and status adjustment. So, after that....she can get a job and we can have more money coming into the house, which will be spent as it should be -- on DVDs! :)
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