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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One step forward, two steps back. . .

And, as is generally the case when I have a good day and overdue it, my body is in revolt. I currently have a nasty headache and the exhaustion is just about to reach my bones. Sweet Baby Cheeses, I hate Fibro!!


So, in order to keep you all entertained while I am regaining my energy, I present you with a list o' fun things I've seen around the Interwebs.

  • For the fat girls: Fat Dinosty

  • New blog to read! Season of the Bitch (Awesome name!) Check out her 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days I'm a sucker for those things and intend to complete my own list shortly.

  • Read a poem.

  • Or maybe pick up a new craft?

    I have, in fact, about a dozen posts I went to write. I just can't summon the energy right now. But I am still alive! Promise.

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    Monday, May 26, 2008

    Busy girl is busy!

    I've had a productive weekend. After two lovely days of sleeping late (until 11 on Saturday!), I have managed to do massive amounts of laundry, lots of dishes, vacuumed the floors (nothing makes a room feel clean like a vacuumed floor, seriously), went shopping, bought new curtains for the kitchen and put 'em up, washed the living room curtains and put them back up, bought some new clothes (and shoes!) and got myself a new computer chair -- which still needs to be assembled, but a girl can only do so much at one time.

    The curtain are not only decorative -- they are to keep my electric bill down. I had blinds, but no curtains and the window is on a window box, which is made to soak up the sun. I'm considering buying some sunblocking curtains for the living room. I saw some really nice ones at WalMart. Only $15 each and I'd only need two. Should cut down some more $$$.

    I really think the splitting my Cymbalta dose up between morning and night is helping. Taking 120 mgs at one time? Well. It makes me wanna throw up AND exhausted. Splitting it up, is making me a bit more responsive. Which is good, yes.

    Also, I love new shoes. I can't help it. I just....love new shoes. So, I got these one sale. Ha. $8 for shoes that fit me. Got a funky rose pattern on the toes.

    One of the shirts is a babydoll tanktop, red and khacki paselie (Yeah, I can't spell.) Yes, I intend to wear it even with my fat fat fat arm. Screw people if they don't like it. It's cute, I look good ad it's fucking HOT already. Seriously, it's not even June and it's 90 degrees already. *sigh*

    I'm making a concerted effort to eat at home more. Saves me money, plus I eat better that way. I need to make sure my diet is better -- need to get all the nutrients and stuff I need. Tonight I am having a nummy chicken cordon bleu with a parmasen crust, plus...oh some side. Something with potatos, I think.
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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    I play with code!

    So, here's my new template. You like? Is very different than the last one. I wanted color.

    So....took me a few hours of swearing and taking a watergun to the cat who wanted to "HELP".....but is here now.
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    Thursday, May 08, 2008

    Read this now or the terrorist will win!

    The latest Disability Carnival is up over at Ms. Crip Chick. Go read. Also, why aren't you reading her regularly? Huh? Huh?


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