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Friday, August 14, 2009

More Poems

I'm thinking of calling the collection Ordinary Things. Lately, that's how I'm writing. I look at something and think, I could write a poem about that, and then...well. Here are a few more I've written. Wrote three in one day! Less than that really, cause I was just sitting in the doctor's waiting room... My muse is Very Very Strange.

Waiting Room

The key to
getting in to see
the doctor
Is to pull out
a book or attempt to write a poem or
scribble a grocery list.
The Waiting Room
cannot stand
to be ignored.


It was smaller than
I expected but
I love it.
Now I paint my
Fingernails to
Draw attention to it.
Sitting on my finger,
Having banished all other
Rings to the
Jewelry box,
It tells me that
Garnets are for
Strength and Protection.
Far better than those
Colorless, Flashy diamonds
That always disappear
On a finger.
Doesn't the world look
Better in Red, it asks.
Isn't it nice to take
Fire whereever you go?
Anyone can have
A diamond, but
I get to wear the
Pulse of the World on
My hand.

Orange Soda (A love letter)

Before you there was
never anything but
Dr. Pepper or Sprite in
my refrigerator.
Since you, I am drinking
orange soda and
eating jellybeans and
listening to music made with synthisizers.
I'm waking up to your
Haven't Had Coffee So I'm Not Human Yet
face and
Finding your t-shirts on the
bathroom floor next to the
towels you never pick up.
Now dinner is no longer
cereal or Pop Tarts or
Bake It Yourself pizza
And you won't let me
Stay mad when a
news update interrupts
my favorite show.
You get up at 6 a.m.
even though you don't have to
so you can kiss me
goodbye before I go
to work and you
always kiss me hello when
I get home.


posted by Zan at 10:24 AM



Fab poems and just too lovely!!

2:59 AM  

I love the one about your ring!

It's nice to see good, grown-up poetry about ordinary things in life.

6:59 AM  

Yes, what Ruth said, just love the last one!


1:44 PM  

Hi Zan: haven't been here in a while but can I just tell you how much I REALLY REALLY like your poetry -- and I usually HATE poetry so that is REALLY saying something :)

4:10 AM  

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