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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is so horrible and offensive, I don't have words to describe it. So, I'm just going to cut-and-paste the whole horrible thing. Note: this appeared in an indie paper geared toward college students. It's not affiliated with LSU, but it's freely distributed around town and is heavy on LSU-coverage. Given the rates of rape on college campuses, this is beyond appalling.

Ex-boyfriend teaches woman why it's important to lock doors
A man, who legally cannot be named, currently awaits trial after he entered the home of his ex-girlfriend and raped her with one of her own sex toys.

The assailant entered the woman's home and bound her hands and feet. He then raped her with a "large" sex toy and allegedly poured beer on the victim. After the attack, the assailant then untied the woman and brought her to her place of work.

The assailant has pleaded not guilty to all charges and insists that he committed the offense in order to scare his ex-girlfriend into locking her doors at night.

Yes. That's right. Look at that headline. Look at the lovely detail about the size of the instrument. Look at his rationalization. Which is re-enforced by the fucking headline. And this woman is a quite possible a resident of Baton Rouge, who lives near or even attends LSU. And even if she's not, maybe she's out eating one day (like I was) and sees The Tiger Weekly laying around. And you know, she thinks "Ah, something to read!" And then she reads this. Seriously? I mean, seriously????

Happily, the editors provided us with an email address to give them feedback. How thoughtful! Feel free to comment. E-mail the author at Jenna@tigerweekly.com

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posted by Zan at 7:12 PM


She used the active voice, yet still managed to praise him!

7:57 PM  

That sick, sorry son of a bitch! And that sick, sorry excuse of a newspaper staff--editor, too--who published that horrible story that assigned shame to the wrong damn place! What the hell is it with people acting like rape's funny lately anyway?! (David Letterman, Rainn Wilson, that awful Seth Rogan movie that deservedly bombed...) Just awful all around. Yes, I'll e-mail them.

9:12 PM  

Damn! The whole thing is horrible and in being so stupid, ignorant of the facts about rape and a boorish human being, the editor just reinforces all the crap rape victims must deal with...

1:33 AM  

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