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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh television, why have you betrayed me?

You know what's irritating? Television.
More specifically, House is irritating.

This week's episode was the anti-woman trifecta! First, a patient's period is literally killing her. Then, Cuddy has been rendered completely insane by motherhood. And third? Oh, third is my favorite. The damned Foreman/Thirteen romance.

So, one. Yes, the patient's period literally is killing her. A prior uterine surgery send uterine cells through her body, blahblahblah. So she gets her period and starts bleeding from EVERYWHERE. OK, fine. At least the show has the sense to have House acknowledge the ridiculousness of his diagnosis.

Two - Cuddy adopts a baby and is suddenly unable to do her job? What? Because that's just what the world needs. Successful, intelligent, upper class woman has baby and becomes a shrew! Whoohoo! Now that she's decided she just loves her daughter, I'm counting the episodes until the birth father decides he's changed his mind and she has to give the baby back, leading to weeping and leaning on House and well....you know what happens next. Gah.

But by far, the thing that is making me want to throw things at the telly is the so called romance between Fuckhead Foreman and Thirteen. Oh! Did you know, 13 has a name? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, since it's only been mentioned maybe twice. Her name is Remy. Nice, no? But alas, everyone calls her 13. Not Hadley, as all the OTHER doctors on the show get referred to by their last names. Nope. She's just 13. Hell, even Amber got called by her name. But not Remy!

Anyway, moving on. She and Fuckhead are sleeping together. Ok, whatever. It doesn't make any sense, since she's been actively hooking up with women for well, her entire run on the show. But whatever. She said she was bi, so ok. I just don't buy the relationship at all. I mean, it's icky. She's in a medical trial that he's running. Medical ethic breach much? He's a patronizing prick. Example, you say? No problem! Last week, he found out she was on the placebo, so this week -- he throws the entire trial to switch her to the drug. Doesn't talk to her about it, nothing. Just does it. Because he looooves her or some such shit.

Anyway, after ONE damned treatment with the real drug, she gets a fucking brain tumor! No, really. Once she finds out what he did (which he only tells her because she's started to get headaches and losing her vision -- what a man! Playing with a woman's health without her consent! How is he still single after all these years? I can't figure it out.) she's all 'are you insane? We've been together for TWO WEEKS!'

And I applauded. Seriously. Finally. Remy's all, you're freaking me out you hulking fucking fucktard. We don't even know of the drug will work, you're not my husband, you didn't ask me, who ARE you??

But....then they find the tumor. And she goes blind. And Strong Get-Away-From-Me Remy turns into Weepy I'm-Just-A-Silly-Girl-Protect-Me! Remy. She's all leaning on Fuckhead, living in his house, begging him to do whatever he had to to help her. I was disgusted. I think I started swearing. Seriously.

So, they give her radiation, the tumor goes away and the fucking show ends with her in the Fucktard's Bed. Gods dammit! He's a manipulative little shit. He endangered her life, he fucked up the damned drug trial, he completely stole her bodily autonomy and wanted fucking cookies for it! What the.....

OK. So Foreman has always been a fuckhead. He pretends to be all righteous and good, but he's really a condescending jackass who thinks he's better than anyone else. Fine. Ok. But, this was just so beyond the pale. And they put her back in his bed! No. Just, no.....

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