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Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's snowing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And it's piling up on the ground! I do not think this has ever happened before. It's just....beautiful. Suddenly, my lingering depression is gone! Poof!

This is my backyard this morning:

This was my car:

The view from my front door:

Trees in my backyard:

On the road to work:

The parking lot of my office:

I feel like I can breath again. I haven't felt this good in...ages. I woke up and I was like, hey, something's changed. I felt good and rested and just...energized. Then, I opened my curtains and saw SNOW!!

The gods listened when I said I needed something to break this horrible depression I've been having. Boy, did they listen.
posted by Zan at 8:43 AM


I lurvs the snow!!

*pitches virtual snowball at Zan's pajama pants*

9:42 AM  

Glad you're feeling better. It's beautiful!

11:52 AM  

How wonderful, and what lovely pictures! Glad you found joy someplace!

8:24 PM  

I'm jealous you guys to the SOUTH got snow, and we didn't. That first photo is just beautiful. Glad you're feeling better. You always did talk about moving to Alaska, ya know.

12:29 AM  

You can have it, blurhg! :P

It's pretty, but I hate it anyway.

(glad you are feeling better!)

1:04 AM  

Alaska or Canada, oh yes. I told Emmy that this means we have GOT to live somewhere with seasons! Seriously. And, funnily enough, we could both immigrate to Canada pretty easily. Hmp.

My kittens, in a quest to cheer me up (or at least that's their story) decided to make Mommy some /indoor/ snow yesterday. I came home from work to find that the monkies had gone upstairs, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and dragged it downstairs, then shredded it in the living room. It was like snow on the inside. I laughed so hard I couldn't even be mad at them.

8:08 AM  

I forgot the cold is good to you.

Happy Christmas!

3:47 PM  

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