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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I play with code!

So, here's my new template. You like? Is very different than the last one. I wanted color.

So....took me a few hours of swearing and taking a watergun to the cat who wanted to "HELP".....but is here now.
posted by Zan at 9:11 PM


Very nice! Definitely much more colorful, and well-worth temporarily alienating the cat. I want turquoise *so* *bad*, but am afraid to monkey with my code!

11:02 PM  

It does look good. You so clever. I'd be seduced by your magic coding skills, but I'm already seduced from before ;)

7:04 AM  

You scarlet woman!

Are you going to reveal your secrets? If I change my background picture, the new picture won't display. I've tried to account for size, but no dice.

5:10 PM  

Ooo...bright! I like it!

10:59 PM  

Very nice template, and nice to find your blog!

10:58 AM  

You wanted colour, you got colour, didn't ya?

It was so different, I didn't realize I'd been here before. ;)

9:50 PM  


See my friends!

3:27 PM  

It's awesome!

6:03 PM  

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