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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is this what happy feels like?

As a newly minted state employee, I cannot officially publically support or endorse any political candidate or party. However, I can say that I feel just....bubbly...over the results of the election. And while it may seem that I feel this way because many, many people of a certain political party were elected yesterday, it is in fact not so. No. No, I'm merely bubbly because so many people who happen to agree with me on so very many issues were elected yesterday. Has nothing to do with their party at all. I'm all about the issues, folks. Because, as a newly minted state employee, I can go on and on about ISSUES. Just not about candidates or parties. So, you see, I'm bubbly because the Forces of Not-So-Evil-As-That-Other-Guy have shifted the balance of power -- or so it seems.

I had orientation at work today. Oh my god. I'm never had a two hour orientation before. There was so much paperwork and I have soooo many things to go over and consider about medical insurance and oy! And, I found out I cannot openly, publically support or endorse or raise money for any political candidate or party. Can't even put a bumper sticker on my car. But, say, if I wanted to support particular ISSUES -- that's cool. So, I can be all over the place pro-choice, I just can't say "I'm going to vote for Candidate X because she supports reproductive rights." Which is kinda silly to me, because if I'm telling you I'm strictly pro-choice, that pretty much tells you who I'm endorsing, doesn't it? But, whatever. I can talk politics without discussing parties. I mean, come on, it's pretty damn clear which parties align with which issues, isn't it? Oh well. Details. They can save your ass sometimes, ya know.

Anyway, let's see....I feel a little like I'm falling down on the job, not ranting enough, but right now I'm just too damned happy to rant. Sorry?

Don't worry. Someone will do something to piss me off soon enough. They always do :) Until them, I'm still getting used to the town. I'm checking out the local Unitarian church this weekend. They've got a pagan group, it seems. They're doing a winter solstice thing that I should check out. Plus, they've got a GLBT group that meets regularly. So maybe I can find myself a girlfriend ;) Also, I'm contemplating checking out the local paranormal society. Go looking for ghosts ;) Booooo.....
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You've done a fine job ranting (Zanting?) on my blog.

That's quite the potential pals/dating pool list, and doesn't jibe with you rnext post.

11:22 PM  

Well, I never claimed to be consistant :) I'm a rambling contradiction about some things -- such as my dating potential :) I think it's one of my charms :)

6:29 AM  

You are quite the charmer.

5:19 PM  

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