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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I hate moving

So, I'm busy packing (or, well, I should be....) and getting ready for my big move and looking for apartments is making me a little....crazy.

First, I called dozens of complexes in Baton Rouge and I can't find a single one with a vacancy I could afford. So, I started calling ads from the paper. That's usually how I get my apartments anyway. So I have an appointment to go down there to look at one tomorrow. A two bedroom for $500 a month. Which is pretty damned cheap in that market and well...the thing is, I know nothing about Baton Rouge neighborhoods. So I'm a little worried about just where it's located. I mean, cheap rent on a two bedroom? Must be something wrong, right? I don't know.

I'm getting nervous about this move and I don't know why. Not about the job. No, I just feel....I don't know. Going into a place I know no one, really. Trying to find an apartment when I don't know a damned thing about the neighborhoods. Worried about being able to make it through the first six months before my raises kick in. I feel....a bit scared, which is dumb.

I need to find a neighborhood that's safe, of course. Hopefully, this place tomorrow will be nice and safe and decent. Housing is sooooo scarce in Baton Rouge. There are 40,000 new residents that moved in after Katrina and just stayed. So, it's really difficult to find places to live that are affordable. And safe. Must be safe. I don't think the people from Katrina are necessarily any more dangerous than any other, just that when you put more people in one place it gets all tight and packed and people get antsy and things happen.

Still, I am a woman out in the world. I have to think about these things. *sigh*
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I admire the way you're goin' to the big city on your known, everything new to you. I couldn't do it.

I thought I was alone in not knowing neighborhoods, that it's something grown-ups know. And it's really something you have to see for yourself. The ads here don't like to give you the street address for whatever stupid reason. I don't want to waste my time or theirs. And they all claim to be close to the Metro, even if it's a 20-minute walk.

4:52 PM  

Well, this place is reasonable close to an Interstate and one of the big roadways. And it's a close to two country clubs, so I'm thinking it shouldn't be THAT bad...

We have cars here. What is this Metro?:)

4:55 PM  

This glorious Metro is where if I get lost, there's always a map. Whereas a street closing led me to picture myself driving aimlessly for hours on end. I found my way back by making illogical choices in the proper general direction. Maybe I should just buy second map book for the car.

So the daily deity is Hel: Goddes of the Inglorious Dead. Sounds great, but are there Glorious Dead?

Hee! Word verification: damnh

6:40 PM  

Actually, yes. There are glorious dead. Freya and the Valkyries get those ;)

7:46 PM  

not dumb to be scared! i'm too scared to move because after 4 yrs here, i still don't know many neighborhoods and i am petrified of getting lost!

9:12 PM  

Elle, while I am dependent on MapQuest, I have found that all roads do indeed lead to Mecca. When I'm really lost, I just drive around, try to remember what turns I made, and eventually make it back to the main road.

I am, however, a pilot, not a navigator, so I don't know ordinal directions. It takes me a while to reason, for instance, that if I took 237E to get here, I want 237W to get back.

It helps that I used to walk around and that I transform street names, making them easier to remember. Like (Clara) Barton Street.

1:32 PM  

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