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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Take this job and. . .

I quit my job this morning. Officially turned in my notice and let 'em all know I'm leaving.

I'm free!! Free!!!! See the little birdie spread her wings and fly......

My boss just looked at me when I told him. "Oh, really?" he said, looking perplexed.

Mwhahahaha. Yes, really. Really, really, really.

I'm almost giddy. It's such a relief! I came in this morning to a buncha emails from the Boss, asking all kindsa questions and I was like...no. No, i'm not going to answer that. Nope.

So, now that I'm free and can talk about my job, prepare yourself for a nice rant about corporate media ownership and the crap reporters go through. I'm done with news, people. DONE. I'm off to my nice state job where I don't have to be on call 24/7, where I don't have a micromanaging boss looking over my shoulder all the time, where I don't have to deal with unspoken political agendas....ah, the joy!!
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2:32 PM  


It'll be nice to get away from the soul-crushing, I imagine...

5:48 PM  

Okay, I read the other post first, so I didn't really duplicate your "I'm free!! Free!!!!" (Or did I do it from the future?)

They became complacent; they thought you were trapped. And now they're going to be sor-ry! Was it two weeks(') notice?

Is your new job in PR?

10:25 PM  

Congratulatons. :D

10:29 AM  

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