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Friday, October 06, 2006

Happiness is. . .

. . .having the new Indigo Girls cd in my happy, happy little hands.

For all my adoration of punk, I love alt country/folk just as much. And I love, love, love, love, love Emily and Amy more than any other duo.

So far, this cd is awesome. It sounds more like their earlier stuff than the last few cds. Which is a compliment, even though the last few cds are among my favorites. More bass and rhythm guitar, more focused lyrics, more happiness to go around!

If I could figure out a way to put songs on this page, I'd do it, because I desire to share the Indigo Love with others. Alas, I am code inept and cannot.

And so, I tease you with lyrical snippets:

I see love and I like to make it happen
What we get from your war walk
The ticker of the nation breaking down like a bad clock
I want the pendulum to swing again
So that all your mighty mandate was just spitting in the wind.

Or this. . .

But they left out the sisters
Praying to a father god so long I really missed her
The goddess of benevolence
And you should listen to your mama if you have a lick of sense left


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I'm obsessed with Rites of Passage. I drove home tonight perfectly happy with "Romeo and Juliet."

Radio.blog has free registration and radio buttons for your blog. You have to be logged in, and then you search, click on a blue&white arrow, choose colors, and copy the resulting code. I like to choose black for everything but the body; it looks more sharp. You can also select stuff for your Jukebox at their site. That's done by clicking on the pink&white heart.

My last one didn't work, but I have several here, one here, and one here.

Here's their Indigo Girls selection.

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