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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Is it wrong. . .

That I'm watching the election results come in and chanting to myself "Kick 'em out, kick 'me out, kick 'em out"?
posted by Zan at 9:49 PM


It's wonderful. That's what I was doing, too. And -- we did it! Too early to tell about the Senate yet, but we took the House! No seats have gone from Dems to GOP! We may take the Senate! I'm in heaven. I'm in heaven!

12:50 AM  

I know. I got up this morning and was like...yeah! Finally...now, we need to take the Senate (I still haven't gotten full results! Grr) and then we need to get the Dems to get off their asses and do something!

6:33 AM  

I don't recall a time when you were wrong.

(But your middle "kick 'em" is such that, well, I hope it's not subconscious.)

11:20 PM  

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