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Monday, November 06, 2006

Not Dead Yet

Although, moving tried, very very very hard to kill me.

Oy gods. Remind me not to move for another few years, k? But, I'm in my new apartment, started my new job today and am settling into my new town. I must say, I'm quite pleased with this place. I love my apartment. It's much bigger than my old place and much, much nicer. The cat has finally calmed down and decided she wants to stay here, my neighbors seem nice enough and I've located a decent chinese place, found two Super Walmarts, two SuperTargets, one huge movie theatre, the Petco and a decent radio station. Oh, and I went to one of the malls that's near my house. So, it's looking to be a decent enough place. And now that I have my internet access again, I feel almost human ;)

But seriously, moving? I hate it. I really, really do. I was in sooooo much pain Thursday and Friday, I thought I was going to collapse. But I was better by Saturday (yeah for the birthday!) and now I'm about as close to 100 percent as I get. I'm also covered in bruises! I look like someone's been beating on me, but no. I just moved. (I happen to bruise terribly easily, thanks to the Lupus. Grr. Seriously, I was going to wear a skirt my first day today, but I couldn't because my legs are various shades of black, blue and purple.)

I really like my apartment. I'm so excited by little things, like central air. And a dishwasher. The floors are carpet, which should be easier for me to keep clean. I love, love, love wooden floors but I have a problem keeping them clean. Vacuuming, on the other hand, is really easy.

I think the people at Direct TV are trying to make me crazy. They were supposed to come set up my tv Friday and I was sooo excited because that meant I wouldn't miss any Dr. Who or Battlestar. But...they didn't show up! So I called them today and they went to my old address! So, I get set up for them to come here -- and they can't be here until Nov. 25. Seriously. I"m very annoyed with them. Because when they called me last week to confirm my order, they had the wrong address. And I told them so and corrected it. And they STILL went to the old address. *sigh*

But, other than that, things are going well here. I had a very quiet birthday, spent alone. But I did some shopping and got to roam the town a bit, so that was fun. Got myself some movies from Blockbuster and spent the day relaxing and recovering from the move.

And tomorrow is a holiday for me :) Because I work for the state and it's an election day. Ha. Then, I get Friday off too -- which gives me a three day weekend. Because Friday is Veteran's Day. Then I get two days off for Thanksgiving -- for another four day weekend. Mwhaha. I loves this state work :) I do, I do.

So, I'll be around to bug you all again. Fear not. Or fear a lot, whichever you prefer :)
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Aw, it's fear not, and no bugging.

No Doctor? Sniffle. It's coming out on DVD. Sniffle. I doubt I can bear to part w/ the $. (I can't afford it, of course, but maybe I can pay for it.)

Vacuuming is easy? I've got a filthy cream-colored carpet and a portable "vacuum" that destroys my poor back.

I didn't realize the 10th was a holiday, or I wouldn't have requested it as a vacation day. I love being at work when less people are around. Oh, well.

6:37 PM  

So glad you are liking your apartment and neighborhood and job.

I also hate moving and have done it too much.

12:49 AM  

Glad you're alright. :)

Decidedly Indirect TV sound like twats...

You've been tagged btw. I promise not to take offense if you don't want to do it. :D

9:37 AM  

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