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Saturday, October 28, 2006

On my last day at work and packing up a house

Today was officially my last day at my old (former!) job. No longer will I work Saturdays. No longer will I be subjected to a micromanaging boss. I feel...free.

Yesterday, however, was the last day I worked when the rest of the people where there. Now, usually, when people leave they have cake and ice cream. Throw a little party, you know. Even if they've only been there a year or whatever. I was at this job for six and a half years. Did I get a cake? Did I get ice cream? Did I get so much as a sad little cupcake? No. I did not. All the managers are walking around, saying they'll miss me and how great it was working with me, but not so much as a fricking cookie! It did not go unnoticed, either. The opinions editor, who works on Saturdays, said something to me today. So....it's just symbolic of how fucked up that place was. Put in years and can't even get a fucking cake on your way out the door. Whoohoo.

Also, amusingly enough, none of the equpiment worked today. None of it. So, I couldn't do any work at all, even if I had wanted to. So, I blogged all day ;)

Packing is taking forever, but tis coming along. I've got to finish up my bedroom closet, my bathroom and the kitchen. My father and brother are bringing the UHaul over Wednesday, so I've got to get it all finished by then. I'm feeling pretty happy with the progress I'm making. I should be able to get it all done on schedule. Not at all like one of the times I moved. I was in the middle of a horrible depression and couldn't get anyone to help me pack or move, It was aweful. This time promises to be much, much better.

I'm finding things I had forgotten I had as I pack. Lots of lost jewelry, which is fun. I found a pair of shoes under my bed I'd forgotten I had. I also found so much dust under my bed that it gave me a migraine. *sigh* I'm going to be making my second trip to Goodwill tomorrow. I've got four boxes of books and two more bags of clothing to give them. I also have assorted other things, which will be my third load. This is good. It feels right to prune things away.

The timing of this move is interesting. We're right on the edge of the pagan New Year. That's loaded with symbolism for me, lots of meaning. It feels right to be starting over at this time of the year. It feels like it was all part of the plan all along. This has always been my favorite time of year, the time I feel most alive and most myself. So, this is a good time to be putting away the no-longer-necessary and clinging to what is good and useful. I feel like I've been in the dark for a long, long time and I'm starting to wake up again.

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posted by Zan at 4:55 PM


It's great that your improved feeling of health coincides with your move.

I hate moving, but I love throwing out crap. I feel accomplished when my trash bag is full or heavy. If I were given to pretense, I could pretend I have to clear out crap because I'm moving. Hm.

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