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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have an apartment!

So, the apartment hunt was a success and I worried about the neighborhood for nothing. It's a very nice neighborhood, older and so the rents are a bit less expensive than on new construction. I am the happy lease holder on a new apartment.

I have a two bedroom one and a half bath, two story for $500 a month. I cannot believe I got that deal. It's insane to find a place as big as this one, in a good neighborhood, for that price. That's what most one bedrooms go for, if not more. It's about ten minutes from my office, depending on traffic and it's located right next to plenty of restaurants and shopping. Seriously, I lucked out with this place. There were two other people willing to put a deposit down on it today, but the landlord (who is from India) told them they had to wait to see if I wanted it first, because he knew I was driving in from out of town.

It's not perfect, of course. The carpet is a hideous shade of yellow-green that hasn't been seen since the 1860s and a screen on the backdoor needs to be replaced. But hey, I can put down a rug and I doubt I'll be going out back too much. Oh, did I mention I have a tiny fenced in back yard?

Central air and heat (which the place I'm in now doesn't have) a DISHWASHER!! (which I don't have and haven't for the last few apartments) Oh, praise the gods, a dishwasher. You have no idea how much I HATE doing dishes. It also has a washer and dryer! I'm just...cannot believe how lucky I am to get this place. It's also on the corner, so I only have a neighbor to one side so I shouldn't have too much problem with the noise. (It's part of a four-plex.) I can take over Nov. 1, so I just have to see when my family can help me move in. My grandmother is going to loan me some money for the utilities and stuff, so I should be able to swing this. I got my car payments put off for the next two months, so that'll help me breath a bit. It's gonna be tight. I won't be able to have cable for awhile, but there's a Blockbuster a couple blocks from my place, so I won't go insane. Plus, so long as I got my DSL, I can watch whatever I want via other channels :)

Oh, he only wanted a $200 pet deposit and isn't gonna charge me extra each month for the cat. So this is a very sweet deal. I'm lucky and happy and....I have an apartment!! Now, I just need to finish packing.

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posted by Zan at 2:51 PM


Congrats! I'm excited for you!

5:57 PM  

Wow. Congratulations!

Nice landlord. He won't be waltzing in when you're on the toilet.

My sisters say you can rent a house fro $700/mo. in NC. But I will stick w/ my 1BR 1BA condo with either heat or AC on, at the whim of the board, I believe.

9:08 PM  

Congrats, Zan!

10:59 PM  

congrats on the new apartment. rent is different everywhere you go. here in LA it's tough to find a *studio* for less than about $800 much less a two bedroom. but when i lived in milwaukee i had 2.5 br, 1ba 1250 sq ft for about $700/month. those first few months are always the hardest, but you'll make it :)

12:08 AM  

Brilliant. :) Congratulations.

8:55 AM  

awesome!! congrats!!

and zomg $500 for ANY apartment, to this New Yorker...i am laughing hollowly.

mazel tov, use it in the best of health.

12:03 PM  

Wow, that's excellent! When I go househunting, I am going to have to get a little bit of your good karma. :)

6:44 PM  

You'll have to start looking for one of the best words in the language: "dishwasher-safe."

10:14 PM  

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