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Saturday, June 23, 2007

More medical horor stories

I've been collecting these with the intent to blog them all. I'm just really tired and going to dump them all in one. Enjoy.

Obesity Surgery -- Now OK For Kids as Young as 12! Because fat kids need the pressure of doctor's trying to amputate part of their stomach.

There ARE Limits!At last, the FDA rejects a weight loss drug! While it's okay if they make you crap your pants, making you want to kill yourself? Not so much. Although, frankly, I think the fact that this was a non-American company might have had more to do with it. Watch for: an American company peddling the same thing with a different name.

Because fat women dying is funny When you find a fat woman having a heart attack, the proper response is to a) take her to the hospital or b) say she's too big to move and laugh while she dies.

Move for Gods sake! All us fat girls, who just sit around eating bonbons and drinking sugar water all day. If we'd only move! You know, do the dishes or something. . .

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posted by Zan at 12:36 PM


Well, I guess I move when I reach my hand over to select a bonbon from the Whitman's Sampler. Does that count?

Seriously though, I'm so sick of the kinds of pressure put on us to conform to a certain standard of "health"--it amounts to bullying and abuse and worse. And when it comes to allowing people to die in their dining rooms because they can't be bothered to help them into a wheel chair and take them to the hospital? Tell me, how is the medical profession serving us?

1:49 PM  

The dead woman doesn't weigh much more than me.

What bugs me about the fad of drugging kids for ADD or being short, and now, gastric surgery, is that the doctors can't know what will happen when the kids go through puberty.

The thing about the obesity obsession is not that people are ignorant, callous, and uncaring, but that they really think it's their business to tell fat people how easy it is to stop being such eyesores. And that they think it's a new concept and will actually work.

9:34 PM  

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