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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boys are strange

I haven't been feeling very well the last week or so, hence the lack of posting. Lupus is a bitch in the summer, let me tell you. It's already topping 90 degrees here and it's still May. Gah. My electric bill is over $100 this month, because I'm keeping my air on all the time. But ya know, I don't care. I'm gonna pay it to keep cool!

Anyway. . .boys. Very strange. The Boy has apparently decided he's no longer into me. Which is fine, just that he has decided to demonstrate his done-ness by simply not talking to me anymore. It's all very strange. One day, we're seeing how long we can stay naked, the next he's all not speaking to me. Very odd. About two weeks ago, he asked me to play hooky from work and spend the day in bed with him. So, I'm all for that. Took the day off, waited for him and when did he get to my house? 2 p.m.! And then did we get naked? Uh. No. He was all laying on the couch, watching my t.v. and that was okay, I was thinking. We had the rest of the night. Except, he decided he had to go biking. Uh huh. He asked me to take the day off work, to spend it in bed with him, and what does he do? Arg. Anyway, I was already starting to feel bad then and well, I got a bit annoyed. ( I was running a fever.) And so, I basically told him not to ask me to take the day off if he wasn't going to spend it with me. So, he seemed to be okay with it and everything seemed fine and now...he's not talking to me. Oh well. He was sweet, but well...21. Anyway, I just wanted more sex! Dammit. See, when you break a celibacy spell and your body remembers things and then it's denied again? GAH! So, now I'm horny all the damned time and there's no Boy to help me take the edge off. Bastard.

So, that Boy is done. But! There's another Boy on the horizon. This one seems much more serious. He's 40, to start out with. And he's got a daughter. We've been talking for awhile and we're both giant SciFi geeks, so this has possibliities. And if he doesn't work out, there's another guy in Lafayette. Also of-age (36), so maybe I won't get the immature Boy go-round. Here's hoping.

Anyway, I'm still feeling pretty run down, so posting will prolly stay light. But I'm reading and I'm not dead. Yay!
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But I'm reading and I'm not dead. Yay!
Indeed. That is so underrated!

What happened to fucking manners? What is he, a damn Yankee?! I understand cowardice, but no one can hit you upside the head through e-mail. Dear cowards: Send one last e-mail, then declare the person Spam, and you're free! Well, you're still an asshole, but now you don't have to cower. Unless you totally like it.
I don't get along w/ 22-year-old boys. Maybe it's wiser than my years + aversion to immaturity.

May the menfolk serve you well.

6:09 PM  

Oh, but it gets stranger! As soon as I had posted this, he IMed me,all sweet and snuggly and sorry for being so quiet!

*sighs* Men. So very weird. And yet, I'm not adverse to continuing our casual relationship. This is what happens when you remember the sex is FUN.

6:15 PM  

Some Boys have a built in radar and when you are interested they aren't and when you aren't they are. Contrary things that they can be.

7:58 PM  

Eh, he was just sulking because he felt like you were scolding him. They're vewy vewy sensitive at that age.
It's probably worth putting up with the mood swings if the sex is good.

2:44 AM  

Ew, I can't let anyone grow up on my time.

4:22 PM  

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