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Saturday, April 21, 2007

A tale of two moods, part one

I'm split in two, emotionally. On one hand -- the shit that went down this week pisses me off. On the other -- the Boy came over last night. So. Very different moods. We will begin with the better of the two: The Boy.

Remember when I said 21 was too young? When I said we'd never have anything to talk about? Well, I was an idiot. A scared, uncertain idiot. Fortunately, I got better.

Here's the thing -- he's very persistant. He's been calling me every couple of days, talking to me online almost every day. He's been sweet and attentive and, here's what earned him the second chance, when I told him I was having a flare up and then disappeared for a few days, he called me to check up on me. My frigging ex didn't even call to check up on me when I was sick.

So, after a week of feeling like shit, I felt better yesterday. (A combination of the fact that the weather cleared up and that my boss was gone from work for a few days and I saw a dentist about a troubled tooth.) So, I called and invited him over.

He was adorably nervous. And sweet. And really willing to talk, just had to ask questions. So, we curled up on the couch and watched Office Space. It was sweet and nice and really good for my damaged ego. Even the cat didn't try to kill him! It was amazing. Sure, she didn't let him actually pet her, but she did come up and sniff him without hissing.

Hey, Cassandra -- remember my fondness for tall, pretty, skinny boys with tattoos? Guess what he is? Ayep. I've resolved not to think too much about this and to just have fun. So, if you see me angsting here? Smack me.


posted by Zan at 8:34 AM


Yay, a happy Zan.
Why did he stand you up?

7:53 PM  

Yes. Happy Zan. It's really nice to have someone fauning over you. Hrm.

And the other idiot? I don't know why he stood me up, but it's his damned loss. Pooooor baby. Hmp.

8:53 PM  

Oh! You mentioned a second chance, so I thought it was the same guy.

9:39 PM  

I hereby promise to smack you if you start getting all angsty.
The boy sounds lovely, by the way.

4:29 AM  

No, no. Different guy. The idiot who stood me up was 30. Hmp. Maybe I just need a younger man :)

He's coming over again tonight. We're gonna see how naked we can get. He mentioned something about chocolate sauce.

Please, smack me if I get angsty. I don't want angst. I want happy. Even if it's just a short term happy, I want it. It's really nice to feel desirable again.

7:06 AM  

Will do.
Jeez, now I feel like an agony aunty. Ask Cassandra!
PS Go easy on the chocolate sauce, too much of it and one tends to get nauseous when rapid movement commences. And yes, I am speaking from experience.
Caramel sauce is even worse.

10:54 PM  

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