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Thursday, March 29, 2007

When you grab the Universe by the balls, it listens

My life has taken a dramatically enjoyable upswing of late. Despite a few little annoyances, my life is turning up fantastic.

Point One -- Saturday, my Kady and I will undertake our first Solo Aunt/Niece undertaking. Her parents are bringing her down to see me, dropping her off and getting lost for the day. It will be just the Munchkin and me. We're going to the zoo. They're having a big festival there this weekend, so she can get her face painted and actually pet some of the animals. And there will be music for her to dance to. I will be the most awesome Aunt ever. Because I rock.

Point Two -- Sunday, I have a *gasp* date. Pause, ruminate, digest that, if you will. My perpetual single-status is in danger, maybe? He responded to a listing I have on collarme.com (Nifty BDSM site, if you don't know) and asked me an honest-to-goddess question about one of my non-BSDM interest. (As opposed to the guys who mail me with "Oh, please Mistress, make me your slave and beat me until I bleed. I only want to please you." Really? You don't even know me, idiot.) So, we talked on IM and on the phone and he's really kinda cool. We clicked and well . . . now we have a date. He's 30 (as opposed to 21), gainfully employed and a sub. My very own sub again. *happy sigh*

Point Three -- Next weekend, my friend Clara and I are going to New Orleans for the weekend. She, being the one with al the money, booked us a very ritzy hotel and we're going to see the Aquarium, the D-Day Museum, wander about the Quarter. Just be tourists for a few days. We desparately need this little vacation and I miss her. When I lived in Alexandria, she and I went out to lunch at least twice a week. Now, she's three hours away! *pout* If the Boy works out, I'm gonna invite him to spend some time with us down there, since he lives about 20 minutes outside of NO.

So, life is shaping up rather well. My adorable niece, a boytoy of my very own and a nice little vacation. My stars must be in alignment. (Or, ya know, the Universe got tired of me twisting it's balls into a knot. Details.)

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I needed that post at my place

And I want to comment on the Religious Sex post; give me a minute :-p

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Alexandria: We were so close, yet so far away.

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