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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls

And I'm back for more Celebrations of Desire. This time, it's all about the girls. And oh, how many beautiful girls there are. If you were getting annoyed by all the testosterone, this post is for you.

Amber Benson:

Asia Argento:

Claudia Black:

Eliza Dushku:

Gigi Edgely:

Katee Sackhoff:

Kristanna Loken:

Michelle Rodriguez:


Radha Mitchell:

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posted by Zan at 7:58 PM


You do realise that we have similar taste in women too, right? this is actually getting kind of creepy. Get out of my brain!

8:35 PM  

But...it's soooo comfy in your brain! It feels like home :)

6:33 AM  

Maybe there's only one of you, and she can astral-project.

6:37 PM  

But it's getting crowded in here! Let's move back to yours tomorrow. Just for a change of scenery.
Um, actually, it doesn't look that different over here...

7:20 PM  

Well, clearly we need to upgrade. A bigger brain, as it were. Or a brain vacation. For a change of scenery. So....*looks around* whose brain should be take over?

6:53 AM  

I hear Bali's nice this time of year...
I finally did my tribute to the women, by the way.

7:37 PM  

yah Pink!!

2:05 PM  

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