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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Objects of my desire

In celebration of Female Desire Week (so named by my brain-twin Cassandra who is seriously trying to kill me with those pictures!), I present assorted Objects of Desire that I really, really like. Buckle up kiddies, it's Sex Week.

Aidan Turner, actor. Look at him for a moment and try not to..ya know. Plus, he's got the most yummy English accent.

Takizawa Hideaki, actor, musician, too damn pretty to resist.

Santiago Cabrera, actor, Hispanic. What more do I need?

Olivier Martinez. Actor. (Yes, I realize this little information just makes it more objectifying. But oh well.)

Goran Visnjic. Seriously, this man could do pretty much anything he wanted too to me.

Billie Joe Armstrong. So pretty. I can't help myself, although I should feel bad about it. Oh well.

My Chemical Romance. Yep. Pretty much, the whole damned band. If that puts me on the same level as screaming tweeners, I don't care.

Okay. Enough for now. There will be more later, fear not. I have a whole buncha gorgeous girls to get to, after all!


posted by Zan at 6:47 PM



Excuse me while I weep with horniness. Isn't his accent Irish?

Goran has green eyes! Green!

I almost wish I had a picture of me I could send you, in the hopes of making your cut. (As it were.)

4:40 PM  

Zan, my darling...mwah!
Can I borrow Goran and Hideaki? Just for a little while?
Although I still don't get the My Chemical Romance thing...
PS Check out my new sidebar pic...

8:28 PM  

Zan, my darling...mwah!
Can I borrow Goran and Hideaki? Just for a little while?
I still don't get the My Chemical Romance thing, though?

8:30 PM  

You do realise that my admitting that I find Hideaki REALLY hot is tantamount to treason in the circles I run in, right? He's so...poppy. But SO pretty...

8:44 PM  

Of course you can borrow them, Cassandra. So long as I get to watch :) And I won't tell anyone about the Hideaki thing. Fear not. I mean, we're not saying we like the music, we're just objectifing a pretty, pretty man.

And the MCR thing? I think I'm just reliving my angsty teen years. Plus, I have a weakness for musicians. As do we all, I know. I go through these phases where I find men generally venerated by tweenies to be just too damn hot to believe. I'll get over it ;)

6:36 AM  

As long as we can admit that Tackey and Tsubasa is to music as McDonalds is to fine dining we're cool.
"I'll get over it " You really think so?
I can't fully explain my aversion to MCR and AFI, it's just a...thing. Maybe I just hate tweeners on principle.
Also may be that I LOVE old school punk, so the baby version...

7:24 PM  

Well. . .I don't know if I'll get over it. But one has hope :)

And I love old school punk too. If it makes you feel better, the new MCR record sounds pretty much nothing like punk at all. They're decidedly more straight-up rock with a nice heavy dose of metal. In fact, I don't consider them remotely punk. Their first album was, but this one? Eh. No. I just don't understand the need to promote them as punk. I don't know that they themselves have ever classified themselves that way. Hrm. Now I must research this. Damn you, Cassandra ;)

6:58 AM  

I know, I'm EEEVIL.
Did you check out my boys yet? They're in this month's Revolver (the one with Tool on the cover).

7:40 PM  

Yes. You are evil and that is why I love you. And yes, I checked out your boys. Yummmy.

7:43 PM  

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