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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The simplest things make me happy

So far this week, I've paid off my hospital bill, paid off all my credit cards, paid back my mother and my grandmother the cash they loaned me when I moved, got my car the maintenance I'd not had the money for AND bought groceries. And, I still have nearly 4K left in my savings account. Plus, I get paid next Friday.

Seriously, the smallest things make me happy. No more credit card debt. NONE. It's GONE. Mwhahahahahahaha.

Also, I have a washer and dryer now. So I'm doing my laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. *sniff* Ah, the smell of fabric softener.

So, this weekend I get to go couch shopping in earnest. I don't have to buy one, but I can. If I find one I love and must have? It can be mine.

And then, I'll have everything I wanted and can watch my little nest egg grow. I feel so...relieved. It's so strange, not having all those huge, huge bills hanging over my head. Knowing that if my car breaks down or I need to see the doctor and get on some new meds, it won't destroy me financially. Oh, gods. I can buy Kady a buncha presents for her birthday next week!

She is soooooo getting a set of bongos.
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One day, I will know this freedom from debt. The month after I paid off my car, I was perplexed when I didn't have to write a check. After I pay off my student loans, I'll only have to write the rent check. That's going to be strangely weird. It's like, surely I owe someone and am going to be in Big Trouble when I don't pay. What am I forgetting?

It's so like you to want to use your good fortune for someone else. Is Kadydid a McConaughey fan?

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My Kadycat is a music fan. It's so funny, she hears music and she instantly starts dancing. She doesn't even think about it. So, I'm getting her something she can play easily. She's already got the guitar, so it's drum time. I may get her a bass when she gets older :)

6:36 AM  

She'll be a one-girl band!
In a few years, she can go to Rock Camp.

8:14 PM  

Yep. And Aunt Zan will take her. I will. I'll even pay for it ;)

6:55 AM  

I assume she's not named for k.d. lang.

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