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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why is it pink??

If this were purple, it would be perfect. *sigh*
posted by Zan at 5:33 PM


Ew! I love pink, but that's hideous! Poor thing. You just know it wants to bolt from underneath the horror.

I don't like the pink ribbon for breast cancer or the pink antiwar movement either.

8:26 PM  

The first one is a thing of beauty but I find the flowers on the second one kind of disturbing. I can't help but picture it being used in some godawful Peter Paul and Mary type musical monstrosity.

12:00 AM  

The flowers are disturbing, aren't they? I put it down because I liked the shape and general feel of it...but yes, those flowers. They haunt me. I like that it's made specifically for a woman's body (look Ma! No more squishing my boobs!), but....pink? And flowers? I just...yeah. But that purple one? Is so very mine.

They have some really great basses too. Hrm.

6:44 AM  

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