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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shaking off the hormone blues

I will, dammit. I will. I'm bumming around today, because it's Sunday and I got nothing to do. Whhooo. I'm about to head over to Barnes & Nobles to get a coffee and read randomly. I can't afford to actually buy anything, but hey. It'll get me outta the house and outta my head. My head is going to a bad place, because it's bored.

The birds are still trying to drive me crazy. I can't figure out what kind of birds they are, because they won't come out where I can see them. Noooo, they just cheeeeep and chirrrrrp away at me, scratching at my ceiling with their little birdy claws. Gah!!

My best friend meet her boyfriend on OKCupid. So, I'm looking around too, because why not? And I keep looking at the pictures all these guys have up and I'm like...they're all so cute. (Well, so are the girls. Hrm.) And why, I think, would such a cute guy go for me? And that's when I realized -- I gotta get moving. I gotta shake these stupid hormone-driven misgivings. They're making me as crazy at the birds! Cause, face it, I'm pretty fucking awesome ;) Who wouldn't wanna be with me, that's the better question. *sigh* I'm seriously counting the days until I can see the doctor and get a script for some Yaz. Which, I found out, my insurance will indeed cover. It'll only cost me $26 a month, much better than the $50 for some of the other stuff. So, go me. Only 12 more days until I see the nice doctor lady.

Let's see...what else is going on? Oh! I filed my taxes yesterday. I did indeed. The guvment is giving me back nearly a $1,000. Ha! Yeah, which is good, because I need it. Should be in my account in about two weeks. So, I'll be going to buy myself a washer and dryer then. Yes! Thank god. Think maybe I'll do some price checking today. Hrm. That's good. I'll be a responsible shopper, do all kinda of comparison shopping beforehand. Get the best deal. Yeeeess...

Also, yesterday, I went to a pet store. A real one, with actual animals, not just animal stuff. Oh gods. The puppies! The puppies they called to me. I fell for this King Charles Spaniel. He was sooooooo sweet and adorable. I just wanted him, but...I don't have room for a dog right now. And really, I'm a cat person. But he was so cute. I just wanted to hug him and pet him and call him Aristotle. *sigh* Maybe when I have a house of my own.

I think I may get an aquarium when I get my refund in. I need a washer, dryer and a new couch. After that....the money is mine to play with. Or something. Who knows? Right now, I need to go find my shoes and go to the bookstore and engage in a little book therapy.
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[Gasp!] You preceded me to early filing! I forgot I was contemplating doing my taxes today.

Who are you, Francis of Assissi? You've already adopted the freaking birds, instead of feeding them to your poor kitty.

7:55 PM  

St. Zan of Assissi? Hrm. Think I could get a little cult going? Could be fun.

And yes, the birds are now mine. All animals come to me. I don't know why.

6:30 PM  

Your cult would nicely balance out the fundies.

Animals: I have a pretty fair idea. ;)

7:57 PM  

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