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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feeling girly

It's a strange occurance for me, but I'm feeling decidedly girly lately. It's not just because of The Possibility (who is not, by the way, any longer a possiblity. I remembered why 21 year olds are not for women my age, thank ya very much. But, on to the next fish.) This weekend, I got my hair cut and I just rather adore it. It's still long, but no longer unshaped and dull. It frames my face nicely and looks a bit sassy. It also makes me look closer to my age. Go me!

I also bought new lipstick. I am addicted to lipstick and lip gloss. I cannot help it. It's a strangeness. But I picked up two new tubes of lipstick and multi-pack pot o'gloss. So my lips look smoking.

Plus, I've shaved. I don't shave. It's against my nature, or so I thought. But no, this time, I thought I'd shave. I have so little hair on my body at the moment, I feel naked when I'm clothed. But, it's an interesting feeling. I kinda like it. Hrm.

Also, regular, daily applications of body lotion. Well, baby lotion actually. Because it makes my skin soooo soft. Which is good, because my elbows and knees get really dry in the winter and crack, then bleed. Now, definately no bleeding or cracking. Just lots of smooth, smooth, ubersoft skin. It's really nice.

I'm feeling decidedly feminine lately. And I want to wear dresses! I never want to wear dressed. I'm anti-dress. But, I'm thinking, I'm not really anti-dress. I'm anti-the-kind-o-dresses-I-was-raised-to-wear. Which is: boring, aged, no fun at all.

The kind of dresses I want? These:

I totally want that green one for next spring. And the brown one? Come on. It's adorable. I am a little concerned about my arms though. They are not just big, but rather flabby. Well, the tops anyway. My lower arms are quite shapely. Go figure. So, since I will be wearing these dresses come spring, I bought myself a set of simple weights to work on toning up my upper arms. I figure, I do that regularly, by the time spring shows up, my arms will be amazing. And then it's tank-tops and strappy sundresses. Dammit.

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posted by Zan at 6:52 PM


Girly: My first reaction was Nelson's "ha-ha!"

I remembered why 21 year olds are not for women my age, thank ya very much.
Why? I'm your age; I need to know.

Does the post-shaving nakedness feel naughty?

That is my favorite shade of green!

7:23 PM  

Oh, 21 year olds are rather immature. He's a sweet boy, but well, he's a boy. I need someone I can have a conversation with. I'd ask him questions and he was all "I don't know." And he kept giggling. Some cross between Beavus and a three year old. Very strange.

And yes, actually. Post shaving nakedness does feel naughty. I keep cursing the fact that I only have cotton undies.

You like that green? Ha. You should see what it does to my eyes. Mwhahahah.

7:31 PM  

Oh, boy. I have always felt mature for my age, and I have no patience, so I certainly don't have any for immaturity. Yet I was and continue to be immature, so I wonder what I look like to others.

You can just, of course, get the cotton to rub you the right way. (What would Eli Whitney say?) No undies is better. ;)

Oh, shit, you have green eyes, don't you? And black hair? TEMPTRESS!!!!

10:08 PM  

Oh, you don't seem so immature to me, Mac. But then, I am biased =)

Green eyes. Yes. Big, bold, green eyes.

Although, my hair isn't black. Alas, it's merely a dark brown. A chestnut color, really. Brown with all these sparks of red when the sun hits it. It's really rather glorious ;)

And I tempt you because you refuse to give into me, damn you!

7:01 AM  

Biased: Aw. I guess I'm hiding the immaturity, or proof thereof, or not appropriately copping to it.

Green like the dress, or lighter?

Little did you know I have a thing for redheads. My brown hair has natural copper highlights.

Maybe I refuse because it makes you continue the temptation. (Is that an apple?)

File under "This shit's not right": Word verification = akhdcfs

8:14 PM  

oo, i LOVE the green.

thing for redheads, eh?

8:11 PM  

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