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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Note to self. . .


When you say to the Universe, I'm feeling disconnected from my body. I'm feeling that the only thing my body is good for is pain. I want to remember that my body is for joy and pleasure and sensuality. Send me someone to help remember that. Don't be surprised, oh idiot, when the Universe says -- OK.

And don't be surprised when, the Universe having listened in on all those little secret fantasies of yours, this person is fucking beautiful. And sexy. And totally, completely into making you feel all those things you'd forgotten.

Now, oh idiot, is NOT a good time to get all self-conscious and shy and worried about how he'll react to your body. This body you do love, remember?

Gah. Note to self: remember, when you ask for something and the Universe delivers, you've still got to ACT ON IT!!

Gods Damn Southern Baptist upbringing...grumblegrumblegrumble...
posted by Zan at 9:01 PM


Do it for the ex-Southern-Baptists who want to follow you in breaking the mindmeld!

Keep in mind that the Universe anticipated your reaction. What does the Universe want/know you can do?

7:07 PM  

Well, in my experience, the Universe likes to fuck with me. No, really. It keeps saying, no, no, no, no, no...and then suddenly, everything I've asked for in the last ten years gets dumped on my head, just when in in no position to handle it, and the Universe runs away, giggling like a three-year-old.


7:31 PM  

The correct thing to do is obviously then to wryly smirk after the Universe and then go and do it anyway. ;)

Good luck to you in all of this!

5:53 PM  

Give the Universe what she wants already, so she can take a nap before she gets cranky.

I wonder what kind of wreck or bliss I'd be if I got everything I wanted once per decade. This is especially good if you didn't get stuff you had ceased to want.

7:12 PM  

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