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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feed your belly

Because I just made this and it is good, I give you Zan's Mama's Spicy Cheesy Chicken Thingy

2 chicken thighs/breasts/whatever
2 cups cheese o'your choice
1 can Rotel

Boil chicken, let cool and remove from bone. Set aside
Boil pasta! Mama uses spigetti (which, yeah, I know is not spelled correctly. What can I say? Hooked on Phonics Works for me!) but tonight I used elbow mac. Because it's what I had. Pick your pasta, you cannot go wrong.
Dump cheese into pasta, stir until nicely coated.
Dump Rotel into cheesy pasta, provided you have not already devoured it. But really, it's worth the wait.
Dump in chicken.
Mix it all up, dig out a bowl and eat.

Mom usually puts in cream of mushroom soup too, I think. But I didn't have it, so I didn't put it in. Doesn't matter, it's all yummy. I recommend draining a bit of the juice off the rotel, unless you don't mind your pasta thingy being a bit watery. Rotel-cheesy-chicken watery, but hey.

I may have to post on cooking. I have discovered to very many people my age do not know how to cook. I don't understand this. Everyone cooks in my family. Even I cook and I'm not a huge fan of it. There's a running joke in my family that I can't cook. It's a joke because I can, in fact, cook. Pretty damn good at it. I just don't, because why would I cook for just myself?

(Although, should I find myself a nice partner I'll be happy to cook. You may leave your applications in the comments. Thank you.)

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posted by Zan at 7:20 PM


I had never heard of Rotel.

I don't cook because it takes too long and requires several things that require hand-washing. My mom once asked what my husband would eat, but she was also enamored of the mircowave.

Also, I'm afraid to cook w/ oil (I used to use Pam) and recipes always call for stuff I can't stomach, don't have, or don't want. Olive oil, mushrooms, garlic, fish, raw meat? I hate seafood (obviously my people can't be from La.) and I'm paranoid about bacteria.

My grocery basket screams "single woman"; it's full of boxes. PastaRoni, frozen tenderloins - and that's another thing: I only like white meat. So I'm a breast woman.

You should cook for yourself because you deserve the attention.

10:18 PM  

zan, you know i love teh recipes.


12:30 AM  

Well, being a bit of a breast woman myself (what? no no, this is not an evil smile, why do you ask?) I understand. And Rotel = stewed, spicy tomatos and peppers! Yum! I used the chunky variety last night, but you can use whatever variety you like.

Pam is good and I only use olive oil. Better for your heart. Also? All those things you listed? OO, raw meat, mushrooms, etc? I could so make a yummy divine meal out of them and nothing else ;) You lack imagination, Grasshopper. Clearly, I will be doing the cooking.

9:46 AM  

Elle, seriously, my Mom makes this in a giant Dutch oven and feeds a half dozen people. Half dozen people with Louisiana farmer appetities, even. It is perhaps the easiest, yummiest thing I can think of. Increase the ingrediants as you see fit. And if you come up with any good alterations, let me know :)

Also, Taco Bread:

1 roll frozen bread dough
Ground meat o'your choice
Taco seasoning

Thaw dough, roll out into giant circle. Glaze with butter for extra yumminess. Also, you can use flavored olive oil instead, whatever ya prefer. (I like me some garlic infused olive oil. Yumm!)

Brown ground meat with seasoning.

Spread meat across half of dough. Sprinke with gobs o'cheese. (How else are pickie kids like me gonna get our calcium?)

Fold unmeated half o'dough over meated half. Pinch edges together. Glaze with OO or butter, for crispy browning.

Bake in oven until bread is nice and toasty. Cut into slices and yum!

You can also do basically the same thing with Pizza toppings. Ground meat, pepperoni, cheeses, pizza sauce, it's all good. Mom used to make this for us when my brother and I brought home friends from college. Everyone was full, full, full and it's EASY and cheap.

9:55 AM  

Ah, I will touch pepperoni.

The problem w/ trying new foods is not having a backup in case the new food tastes like ass (in a bad way).

I would eat most of that stuff, I just won't make it. And knowing ingredients or how something was made used to turn my stomach. This is why I don't work in food service. Of course you'll be doing the cooking: it is part of your seduction!

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