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Monday, January 01, 2007

Going in the right way

I decided I should make my first post of this brand new year something positive, something that makes me happy. And so, I'm posting the beginning of a poem I wrote. It's not nearly finished and I feel like there are more verses, but I haven't gotten them out yet. Be kind, this is a first draft.

(As Yet Untitled)

I wake up,
missing her dark eyes and ink-stained hands, to find her
drinking black coffee at 3 a.m. trying
not to wake me.
But it's impossible to sleep in this heat,
with a busted air conditioner and creaking overhead fan
that stirs up mosquitoes and scares off dreams.
I call her back to bed,
missing the weight of her hips pressed tight to mine.
The sweat pools between our breasts,
escaping to soak the sheets and she smiles.

Another goal this year -- more writing! I always feel better when I write and so...more writing.

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posted by Zan at 6:16 PM



But it's impossible to sleep in this heat you really are a louisiana chick, huh?

1:03 AM  

Well, ya know ;) I like a bit of realism. Hell, I just got central air and I'm 32!

7:07 AM  

trust me; i know all about window units--especially ones that quit in the middle of the summer, forcing you to use "box fans" that do nothing, in my opinion, but stir hot air!

8:04 AM  

Oh, gods yes! I spent the two hottest summers of my life in Natchitoches, in an old, nasty house, living with my boyfriend. We had NO air conditioning of any kind until my aunt gave us a tiny little window unit. It went into my bedroom and ran all the fucking time. It got the room down to a bearable level...but we still had to sleep naked. *sigh*

Before that, we moved the bed so that it was directly in front of the windows, stuck a box fan in there and fought over who got to sleep in front of it :)

Gods forbid I ever live anywhere without air conditioning again. I'd rather live without heat -- at least down here in La. :) I got blankets and cats, I can keep warm.

8:45 AM  

More writing?
Go on wit' your bad self.

I assume it gets hotter there than it ever does here, but in the days when I am homicidal because it's hot as fuck and the AC isn't on yet(for the whole building) or has been turned off for the year, I have sit a few feet from a fan that's in front of the open windows. All my windows are on the same side, so I can't put the fan opposite to "create a breezeway," as a former friend once instructed me. (I scoffed, hard. Years later, I discovered she was right.) I also cool the BR for at least 30 minutes before I go to bed. I need a cold room because I like the weight of bedding. Too little makes me feel (more) naked and that's too distracting for me to rest.

The cruelest part is the way it's finally deliciously cool enough to sleep just when it's time to get up for work.

8:44 PM  

The post title sounds dirty. ;)

5:19 PM  

Does it? :) I actually got it wrong...it should have been "Going in a good way." It's a Native American parting..."May you go in a good way." You know, kinda a 'may your paths be clear' sorta thing...

6:45 PM  

Maybe I'm just good at detecting dirty. Dirty is the new clean! Emphasizing "in" makes it so. As in "[g]oing in(to an orafice) the right way." That also works for the correct quote.

8:13 PM  

What ever happened to Sera?

8:16 PM  

Your inherent dirtiness is why you're my online girlfriend :)

Ah, Sera. She married a man much, much, much undeserving of her and we lost touch. We were roommates for awhile in college, but...I still love her, but it's very different now. I HATE her husband. And not out of jealousy, but because he's so far beneath her he's invisible.

(And I say this because for the longest time he stayed at home being a bum and let her do all the work, earn all the money and do all the housekeeping. He also cheated on her, expected her to be okay with that and then freaked out when she broke up with him. Unfortunately, she took him back. He also hates/d me because I wouldn't let him get away with his bullshit. Once, when the two of them were living with me for the summer, he stole a giant pile of quarters I'd been saving for weeks that I was intending to use for my laundry. And he denied it, she covered for him and I ended up kicking them out of the house. Later, when she was pissed at him, she admitted to me that he had done it, for no good reason, he just saw them sitting there and decided to take them. That's the kind of ass he is.)

8:41 PM  

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