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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The way it should have been

Goddess knows I love Green Day. And U2. This video, first time I saw it, just made me sit down on the couch and force myself not to cry. How different could it have been, if our troops had been allowed to come home to aid Katrina victims? Without going into the politics -- gods know, anyone who has known me for more than 10 seconds knows how I feel about this goddamned war -- how many people would still be alive today if even just the Louisiana troops had been redeployed? How many people would be able to come home, to rebuild New Orleans? How many people wouldn't have lost faith?

And yes, I realize there's a certain amount of 'doing it for publicity's sake' going on -- but who cares? Fucking rock stars care more about our country and our people than the people who currently hold office. Rock stars, whose job is about as far from being compassionate and giving as can be imagined. And what do the people whose job it IS to take care of us do? Well. I'm sure you all have eyes and ears. You figure it out.
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I'm actually disturbed by the armed men who did go in afterwards.

Someone on the Weingarten chat said the war $ should have gone to Katrina, and there should have been telethons to raise war funds, as they used to do. And that way, you'd know whether the public was behind it. But I can see where they would just tell us we were killing our troops by not donating.

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