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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why, Veronica, why?

I'm growing more and more annoyed with my adored Veronica Mars. The show is pushing this whole 'fake rape reporting' storyline and it's making me want to just skip the show entirely. And can we please stop putting V into situations where she's either raped, beaten, stalked or otherwise abused? I realize women in this world are in danger of all of those things, but to have it happen over and over again? It's too much.

The revelation in last night's episode that the rapes around which this season's mystery has revolved have, in fact, all been staged by a group of women pissed off by what a group of frat boys did to a friend of theirs a few years ago -- in order to get all frats kicked off campus -- make me want to throw things at the television. No. No. No. Just...no.

These women have been drugging other women, shaving their heads and letting them believe they've been raped -- all in the name of sisterhood. Uh, hell no. (At least, I'm assuming all the victims were not in on it. There were a lot of them and at least one of them was well and truely tramatized when she woke up with her head shaved, believing she'd been the victim of rape.)

This is the face of feminism the producers/writers of the show want the world to see? WTF? Sure, it's 'balanced' by V being stunned when she fines out, telling the others how badly they're hurting 'the cause'. But so what? She's the heroine, she's supposed to do that. A small group of women terrorize an entire fucking campus and community, assaulting other women they just happen to not like that much -- because hey, these frat boys hurt a friend of ours a few years ago and she walked off a roof and ended up in a mental institution because they mocked her body and made her feel bad about herself. And yeah, that's a horrible thing to do, specially the way they did it. But you know what? You don't attack OTHER WOMEN in revenge. You go after the people who actually hurt her. You go after the fucking society that allows 'boys to be boys'. You make a lot of fucking noise and expose the bastards for who and what they are. You CHANGE the fucking system, but you don't become the monsters to do it. For fucks sake.

I know this is just a television show, but you know people believe what's on the teevee. Ooh, look! Feminism bad. Bad feminism, bad. No cookie.

Plus, the promos for next week show V being stalked, apparently smacked around (well, she's got a big gash on her head and she's bleeding, so something happens to her) and promise to kill off a character. Yeah, that's what I wanna see. My perky, powerful V reduced to a ball of 'oh please, don't hurt me'.

Grr. I'm annoyed. Very, very annoyed.

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I thought they weren't clear on how many rapes were "faked." The women did look duly chastised, which is weird, because they should have argued amongst themselves about the points you made and imagined how they would defend their actions to a Veronica. Also, she didn't mention her own assault and head-shaving, so I'm thinking she knows some rapes were real or she'll be lulled into thinking it's over, and thus be surprised next week when the rapist tries to get it right.

It would make more sense (according to their motive) for them to have only attacked women in the sorority with the mirror room.

Also, all the guy did was call her a name that OTHER PEOPLE picked up on and used. He's cruel, but so is everyone else who said it. I blame Claire most because she went along with the sorority and the prescribed sunbathing. That's how she was there to see the girl walk off the roof. And it's weird that they don't mention physical injuries in an episode with a wheelchair-bound nasty guy.

I like Hallie. I hope we'll see more of her. And the redhead who would have been V's friend had she not stupidly sold out the sisters.

3:18 PM  

>And can we please stop putting V into situations where she's either raped, beaten, stalked or otherwise abused? I realize women in this world are in danger of all of those things, but to have it happen over and over again? It's too much.

egh. that was what finally stopped me watching the Sopranos. first Melfi in the stairwell and then the plotline with Ralph whosis and the stripper. and it just went on and on, onscreen, and didn't even seem to be a crucial plot or character development in either case. enough already.

per the weird vengeance fems: i could swear that that was the plot of a young adult book i read once't. by Lois something?

3:08 PM  

I hated that the Sopranos strip club always had dancing, even when there weren't any customers. And I would get so fixated on how sleazy strip joints must be that I couldn't watch the scenes. I also felt sorry for Tony's superyoung supersexy Russian mistress.

7:14 PM  

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