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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is that the sun? Really? Huh.

I must confess, I've been in something of a funk the last week or so. It makes no sense, seeing as how I've got the new job I wanted, the nice apartment I wanted, moved to the new town I wanted...only to realize, I really don't know anyone here and can't seem to remember how to go about meeting people. See, in my last little town, friends I'd had from college were in town or less than an hour away. So I wasn't really lonely, I had people I could call, could go visit, go to lunch with. It was cool, since I mostly enjoy my solitude anyway. But even we hermits like to have people to have lunch with, ya know?

So, I was feeling mopy. I went to the Unitarian Church last week and while I enjoyed the service, I didn't get a whole "glad to meet ya' vibe. Although, I did got to the 9:30 service, where the audience was older. So I think I'm gonna try the 11 a.m. service tomorrow, see if the crowd is more my age.

Add to that the fact that I don't have the money to go buy oh, gas, and I'm a bit down. Or I was. Then, yesterday at work I got the time to get to know my co-workers. They are so frickin' cool and get my sense of humor! I'm in heaven. See, yesterday our phone system went down, so no one could do their work, so we all got to hang out and just be stupid :) I love this office. Everyone seems to really get along, they WANT to talk to me -- a couple of them even came over to my desk (which isn't in the main office, it's in a back office so I'm in there mostly by myself) and were like "hey, come hang out with us." This is a much different reaction than I've had from office-mates in the past. I admit, I tend to feel a little...out of place...in most places, just because I seem to have so many different ideas than the people around me. Ha. Not here. I think I found a nest of the most liberal, sarcastic, witty people on the planet. And they all want to talk, it's so strange ;)

So, anyway, I'm feeling a bit less gloomy. I got the number for a friend from college whose nearby and gave her a call. I need to call her again today. (It's kinda weird though. She's the sister of the guy I almost married and I haven't spoken to her in years. We'll see how that works out.) A storm came though, and suddenly my little tv upstairs can pick up about seven or eight stations -- I'm not completely tvless anymore! Thank god. I found a coinstar machine and changed all my pennies into dollars, so I was able to put some gas in my car. So I'm not on Empty anymore, althought it's not nearly enough to get me home for Thanksgiving. I'll still be doing the $20 over at Walmart thing, but I won't have to do that until Wednesday, so the check won't actually bounce by the time it gets there Friday, because I'll have already been paid. Whhooo.

Althought, right now I want frigging donuts! Dammit. I found this place that makes the best chocolate covered donuts and I want them...grrrrrrrr!!
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Can you socialize with your co-workers?

8:04 PM  

Oh yeah. We're having some kinda party in a week or two :) They seem to get together all the time.

8:04 AM  

Glad you've got a nice crowd. :)

Have you managed to get some doughnuts yet? :D

3:31 AM  

No! I haven't gotten my donuts yet. Gah. I'm trying to be good and not have any checks bounce, but seriously....I may have to go after work today :)

Where did you go? Your blog go boom. *sniffle*

6:36 AM  

glad things are looking up!

3:10 PM  

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