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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Girl crush

While my tastes generally run to plump Latinas, I'm crushing hard on Pink. She's beautiful, she's unabashedly feminist, smart, funny, got attitude. *sigh* And this video is just....oy gods. When she's in the gym? Oh, the things I could do...

posted by Zan at 6:36 PM


zan, it ate my comment! i was just marveling at the number of new posts and how i have to catch up. i'm in grading hell!!

8:55 PM  

Ah, grading hell. I remember it myself. And I was just getting my MA :) I still recommend rolling two D20 for their grades. I keep telling my friend JC to do that, but nooo, she's gotta be all noble and honorable :)

Take your time, I'm not going anywhere ;) I'm not in my new place and soooo poor I can't even put gas in my car until I get paid next week. This would be okay, but I've got like less than a quarter of a tank left. I'm considering writing a check at Walmart for extra cash and just praying it won't get there until my check does. The banks will be screwed up next week with the holiday, so....yes, I realize it's very sad, but what can I do? I'm poor! But happy :)

6:36 AM  

ah, walmart and the "check for $20 over."

i have been that route so many times!

8:58 AM  

Pink is also unabashedly feminine.

You know, she can do one-armed push-ups. Have at it.

5:08 PM  

Pink: FIERCE. and hot. yassum.

10:21 PM  

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