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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh, Veronica!

Well, can we at last say goodbye to that icky serial rapist plot? Yes? Good. Back to murder mysteries, which she is much more qualified to investigate. (How many people have died and needed V to find justice for them again?)

I was, however, pleased to see Parker (one of the victims) coming to V's rescue. I was also pleased to see the fact that, once Parker started yelling for help, a lot of guys came out to help her. See? Not all men are evil rape-enablers. Some men would like to beat the shit out of men who hurt women. (The cynic in me says they do this because it increases THEIR chances of getting laid, but I'm telling my cynic to shut up now.)

So, the good -- icky rape storyline gone. Mac! She was back! And looking oh-so-adorable. Can I just say, I very much wanted to kiss that girl when she was being talked into attending the party with V? Soooooooo cute. Parker -- standing up for herself and other women. No victim here. The breakup. Yes, I consider this a good thing. I'll explain why later. Keith! Dad to the rescue. Why can't every girl have a dad like him?

Now, the bad. Or at least, the troubling.

Where the hell have V's friends been? Sure, it's college, but I didn't ditch all my buds when I went to college. At least, not the ones who went to college WITH me. Now, given how V's been acting, I'd see if THEY ditched her, but this is getting annoying. The look on poor Wallace's face when he realizes that V didn't want to GO to the party, she wanted to WORK the party -- very sad. The same thing with Mac. Parties aren't Mac's thing, but if V had wanted to you hang out with her best friend, she'd have been more into it. (Can I say again -- I love Mac? Geeky, smart, kissable. I want one.)

This whole "I am what I am. I work alone. I cannot change" spin? So not loving it. Hated it when they did it on Buffy, hating it more now. The appeal of V? She's awesome and strong and she's NOT a loner. She has fun, she's real. Sure, she has bad days and gets dumb, but this? This is beyond dumb. This requires an intervention.

Now, the breakup. I think this was a very good thing because V and Logan? Not the best match. Sure, they have passion, but they're toxic for each other. V won't open up and L is desperately in need of being needed. Look, his dad killed his first love, tried to kill V, drove his mother to suicide. He's been accused of murder, beaten, locked up, had his house burned down and basicially has no one he can count on. He needs someone stable (which V is) and emotionally open (which she is not). They work well as friends, so long as she doesn't try to shut him out.

Seriously, what the HELL is up with that? I'm pissed off with her shutting everyone out. She's going to get herself into serious shit and do you know how hard it's gonna be not to be all 'you brought it on yourself'? Fucking set up for victim blaming!!


You know who I think would be a good match for V? Eli. He's as tough as she is, he's as stubborn as she is and no way in hell he'd let her put him in a box like L has. (Plus, he's bald and Latino. Mrow sexy.) Also, I think she believes he can take care of himself. She wouldn't worry about him like she does with Logan. I think she worries that Logan is somehow weak, not strong enough to take care of herself. Which is what Logan is afraid of too, so see? Toxic combo.

Anyway, bring back the Martians, K? I need Mac and Wallace and Eli and Logan. Hell, I'm okay with Parker now and Pez? Well, get him a real name and he's not so bad. But this whole "Woman alone' shit? Gotta go.


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Oh, Zan, you mean so much to me, with your V-loving and mucho-Mac-loving.

They can argue that V doesn't trust since Lilly's death, but they should really show her moving back to girl-trust with the best person for this: your beloved Mac. And Parker. I don't think she's done w/ that sorority either. I too hated sororities when I was in college, but I didn't write off all the women in them the way V does. She could have, for instance, learned about and helped with the car wash for their den mother. She reminds me of Alias, whose funeral was attended by males only. She had had one female friend, who was murdered and cloned, etc.

I fucking hate it when guys rescue V. They sell the Women Rock! until she has to call for help. I want her to tell Keith what's going on because it's always a mistake when she doesn't, but it's not realistic that he'll always be able to get to her in time. In fact, V could wise up and always take not Backup but backup in the form of another woman. Parker seems feisty enough, and I bet they'd do a great tandem dumb-blonde act.

I wish dude's name was Pez. Sometimes I just don't know why writers do things. And I do prefer the breakup the way it was and not as a result of meddling by or V turning to Piz.

I have long wondered why Eli, as you call him, has't yet been paired with V. You are dead on about those two. In fact, if she tried to go all soft and damsel-in-distress on him, he'd remind her she's better than that.

Maybe they can bring back that cute exiled girl for Logan. They never got the chance to get it on.

There's an article about how Patty Heart was supposed to kiss Keri Lynn Pratt, but the network cut it. And I thought of you because the writer said the age difference wasn't cool, and maybe they'd have gone for it if it featured "Veronica macking on Mac."

7:36 PM  

To me, the guys name is Pez. Piz just...well, I typed it Piss just then, so ya know. Pez is cute, a candy, ya know? I can deal with that.

I'm hoping they rescue this season and make it about how V is faced with having her illusions about other people screwed up. I mean, have her friends /ever/ let her down?

And I love Eli. I really, really do. He's been in love with her since the first episode when she put him in his place. And he's got to be the only guy strong enough for her. She clearly believes in him, no matter what crap he's done. He's got the same 'no trusting' thing she does -- except when it comes to her. Watch him. He adores her, he trusts her and he knows that she really does believe in him. Seriously. Logan? Ha. No. OOOH! I loved the reaction Eli had when he found out V was hooked up with Logan again.

And...since he found the new body, he's going to have to be involved in the solving of the mystery. Hopefully, they don't try to pin this one on him. *sigh* Really, can we let the Latino ex-gang member NOT be the go-to suspect this time? Please? He's seriously trying to get his life in order. Let's let him, shall we?

I wasn't so into Parker at first, but now? Now I like her. Her, Mac and V? Those three could do some damage. They could start their own detective agency!

I really don't like how it's always 'guys to the rescue' on most shows. Which is why I loved Farscape, because their female characters were often the ones saving the day. Or ya know, Battlestar Galactica. Sci-Fi is usually the place to go for women who kick ass. Which is sad, because it's all 'well this is make believe'. Grr.

6:46 AM  

Oh, no, you're right about the make-believe. Hm. And yet BG is a way popular show. I think.

Eli loves Veronica? I don't know their stupid Internet acronym. Dream WeeVer? Anyway, I too am sick to death of how he has to be the maintenance guy and continually accused of crimes. He said "After what he did to Lilly?" What did Logan do to Lilly? He was jealous, maybe he yelled, but I don't recall anything else. I don't think E&V will last because I'm creeped out by V continually taking up w/ Lilly's old lovers. So in that regard, Pez shows promise. He's sweet as candy! What a cutie.

I always liked Parker. I wish I'd been a slut in college. Hell, I'd like to be one now. And her horrible parents sealed the deal.

5:58 PM  

Well, Eli still blames Logan for Lilly's death. She saw him kissing another girl or something and ran off to be with Aaron and *smack*. Basically, Logan was a bad boyfriend (as he is wont to do) and Lilly died...

I don't know, if /I/ was gonna hook up with any of Lilly's exes, it'd be Eli. Oy poppy indeed ;)

Watch how he talks to her, how he looks at her. He totally adores her.

And yeah -- what's with the yummy Latin boy being the janitor/handyman? (And look, I'm resisting making a comment on how handy a man he is. Be proud of me.) I mean, okay, he's working there. Can't he at least take a class or two? He can work at V's agency too! V and Mac and Parker and Eli. Oooh. Hey. I like that notion. Yuuuuumy.

Pez is adorable, yeah. He's actually the kinda guy I'd end up with, because he's so cute and non-threatening. Although....I want me an Eli. And a Mac. *sigh*

I could use a little slutdom in my life too. Maybe that'll be my New Year's resolution? SlutFest 2007! Or something.

6:25 PM  

Slutty in 7! '07, that is.

How dare you withhold dirty talk! The puns must be made.

The guy who writes the TWoP recaps pointed out Eli used to work at his uncle's garage. That was better, though I am holding out hope that they're merely being way slow about taking advantage of his campus access. We're probably lucky he wasn't a suspect for the rapes. I suspected the RA when he fondly recalled his time in the prisoner experiment.

And I know he was pretending to call for help, but V shouldn't have been sipping away while Carrie was still at Mercer's mercy.

Come to think of it, maybe you all season to shape your handy man observations. Great memory on the Lilly backstory!

I really like the woman who plays the Dean's cheating wife. Shouldn't she be hanging out w/ her on and his stolen marrow?

9:17 PM  

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