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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brain stew

I wanna be that girl.
That girl, you know? The one whose never afraid,
Never backs down, never doubts, never gives up, always laughs
And cries and loves and screams and does as she likes and
Fuck anyone who tries to tell her any different.
That girl. That's the one I want to be.
The one I see in my mind, before I look in the mirror,
Before I listen to the voices, on and on and on telling me I'm just a girl.
I want to go out dancing by myself and not worry what anyone else thinks
I want to drink the whole bottle of wine myself,
Go barefoot in the ocean, dye my hair purple, tattoo wolf prints on my left hand,
Pick up a stranger, kiss until I'm breathless, fuck for the sheer joy of bodies and breathing and needing and feeling.
I want to rescue kittens and plant roses, play my music too loud, love too hard and give up on regretting a single moment.
Fake an English accent while shopping in the French Quarter, use an alias, learn to fly a plane,
Paint a mural on my bedroom wall and keep secrets until I die.
That girl's alive, she's real and she feels everything.
posted by Zan at 5:07 PM


Me too! Re: the sentiment. I also want to light up a room when I walk in, and I want people to seek my counsel and not not think of me when they need someone outgoing or social.

I already maintain confidences that are coming with me to my cremation (though I don't believe I have to die).

Have you not been to an ocean? (Am I taking you too literally?)

8:43 PM  

Yummy stew, by the way.

8:46 PM  

Yummy indeed. "This is my brain. This is my brain with a nice side of carrots and potatos..."

I have been to the ocean, I think. I mean, I remember being in Florida and walking in the water, so...

6:26 AM  

Well, if you were afraid of the ocean, I was going to suggest we go, and offer to hold your hand.

7:31 PM  

No no, I looooove the ocean. I love being by bodies of water, not matter what kind. I'm a water baby :)

But you can totally hold my hand, if ya want ;)

8:46 PM  

Ah, I too love bodies of water, especially the ocean, even though I can't swim. I love the salt. I've decorated my bathroom w/ a beach theme. I need seashells for it.

Hands: How kind!

7:22 PM  

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