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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Addicted to the pretty

My secret girlfriends, looking gorgeous. Just a little bit of beauty to make today brighter. It's rainy and annoying here, and I have to argue with my new insurance company to get them to pay for my medication. So, pretty is good.

My darling Sara:

(BTW, if you watch Grey's Anatomy, don't you just adore the friendship between Callie and Addison? Finally, two strong, capable women who are *gasp* nice to each other! Look, no cat fights! No 'you stole my man, bitch!' Just two women who are friendly and nice to each other and seem to genuinely care about each other. Holy Gods, how did that happen?? Shhh, don't tell anyone. It'd like to see more of this.)

And, my other secret girlfriend, America Ferrara:

Isn't she just glowing? I first saw her in 'Real Women Have Curves' -- an awesome move, btw. (What? It's full of curvy Latinas. You think I'm missing that?) I absolutely fell in love with her for that movie. Plus, she was in 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' last year. Yeah, it was a teen movie, but it was also very good and all about girls and their friendships. It was also awesome. I suggest you see both of them, if you have not. And watch 'Ugly Betty', starring my love here. She's an amazing actress and just lovely to watch.
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You sure know how to pick 'em.

Sara's eyebrows are lethal! She could obliterate Peter Gallagher - not just his eyebrows, but the man himself. Does she pronounce her name in Spanish? If so, I think McKnight mentioned her when he was on Ellen. As opposed to "on Ellen." She sais she likes the relationship between their characters.

I only watch coming of age movies if they include sex.

How did the Sisterhood fit into the same damn pants?

7:33 PM  

Yes, she does pronounce it that way. It's gorgeous and I want her. *sigh*

And well, the pants are magic, see? And there is sex, so you can watch it. It's a good movie. I recommend it. Also, you must see Real Women Have Curves. Oh gods. I love that movie. (And yeah, sex there too. A rather powerful scene, actually, with our heroine being fully in control of herself and her sexuality. The sort of scene you don't see in movies very often.)

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