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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Your miscarriage is not our problem

Once again, law enforcement officers show drastic disregard for a woman and her silly little womb. Only this time, instead of being a rape victim attempting not to get pregnant, our woman is pregnant and bleeding, trying to get to the hospital in a car with a fake temporary tag.

Full story here. Video included with the link.

Highlights? Here ya go:

A police videotape released Tuesday shows Sofia Salva telling officers numerous times last Feb. 5 that she was pregnant, bleeding and needed to go to a hospital.

After the ninth request, the tape shows, a female officer asked: “How is that my problem?”

Short version: Woman gets pulled over and immediately tells the police that she's pregnant and bleeding. What do the police do? Tell her that's too bad, but she's got bigger problems with them. Yes, of course, bigger problems than miscarrying. Oh, of course, what was I thinking? Because getting a ticket is much much more important than going to the hospital. Where she could have been under their supervision the entire time, if they really felt the need to arrest her. Instead, she gets locked up overnight and the next day is taken to the hospital -- because she's delivering a premature baby. Who lives for all of one minute. Now, who knows if she would have lost the baby if she'd been taken to the hospital the night before? Possibly, she would have lost it anyway, but in this case the police showed reckless disregard for her health and the health of her child.

Apparently, you cannot win as a woman. If you're a victim and reporting a rape -- which is hard enough to do and most women won't do -- SLAM! If you're a pregnant woman suffering a miscarriage, trying to get to the hospital? SLAM!

Even better? This:

No tapes were available of Salva’s time in the jail, but she contends in the lawsuit that her continued pleas for help were ignored. The department said videotapes from that period had been recycled before it became aware of Salva’s claims.

They'd been recycled. Sure, sure. But when the local newspaper got pushy and the lawyers got involved, look what turned up? Why, the tape of that night and guess what? She says over and over that she's bleeding and she'd told, over and over, that it's not the cops problem.

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posted by Zan at 5:57 PM


There must be a female car theft ring whose secret is getting away from the law by pretending to bleed.

It's cold comfort, but I hope she has a good lawyer. I'm sure the defense will try to get an expert to say the baby would have absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, died, and that the woman was no worse off for having waited in dirty fuckin jail. But that's bullshit. No one has the right to interfere with your medical care.

Was the rape victim also black?

There aren't any stories about injured rapists or wifebeaters being denied anything.

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