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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I should have listened to that little voice. . .

You know, the one that tells you not to get out of bed in the morning? Yeah. That one.

Warning: This is going to be a bitchy personal post. Skip if you're not interested. Go read my last post instead.

So, where was I? Yeah. Okay, so I woke up feeling all achy. My hands and feet are just throbbing. I had to go off my meds for likt two weeks, until my new insurance company was convinced to pay for it. So that little break was enough for a nastybad flare to set up. So my fibro and lupus have begun to rage like a bastard. I'm tired and I hurt all over. Blah. But, like a trooper, I go into work anyway.

When I get to work, I find an email from one of the guys who reviews the bulletins I do that I've done the last one wrong. I've got to take out a lotta shit and reform and it's just a big mess. I worked on this damned thing for the last two days, but oh well. He told me where to look to find a format to follow and I did. And discovered that, gods dammit, all that work I did wasn't necessary. All I had to do was pull up a copy of the last bulletin (they're done every quarter) and replace the numbers with the new ones. That's it. Which I would have known, had the person who was training me bothered to tell me. Took me an hour and a half, as opposed to the two fucking days I've already spent on it. Grrr.

Then, around 2 p.m., my boss brings me a press release to send to the media outlets. Okay, no problem. I'm a little confused as to which contact list to use, but I figure it out. (This is the first press release I've handled and I hadn't even really seen one mailed out before.) So, they have to be faxed and/or emailed out. There are four huge lists I have to send them too. So, I get to work with the emailing. First off, I had assumed there would be an email group/alias set up. I mean, there are literally hundreds of places this gets sent. And it's been done for fricking years, so it makes sense someone would have set up an email alias, right? Ha! No. So, I get to copy and paste the email addresses into one email. Which takes me at least an hour because there are that many of them. So, I do it and send it off. And start getting Undeliverable Messages immediately. Half the damn addresses are out of date!

So, I'm trying to keep my cool. I am. I ask the boss if it /had/ to go out today. Yes, he says. It does. Well, shit. So, I go and send it to the big newspapers in the state first, get them taken care of since they're the most important. Then I start with the faxing. Except, a lot of the damned fax numbers are out of date! I don't understand how this is possible, because they've been sending press releases for years and how the hell do you let the list get that out of date? Anyway, I'm losing it because it's getting closer and closer to quitting time and I've got like 200 damned people to fax this thing to. So, a couple of my co-workers start helping me out and finally the boss decides, well if it got out to the big papers today, we can send it to the rest of them tomorrow. So, first thing tomorrow morning I get to babysit a fax machine and fax a press release to 176 media outlets.

Oh, and after that I'm making a damned email alias and calling everyone on the frigging list to get the right number and harrass them into giving me a damned email address to send it to instead. Grr. Plus, we're trying to figure out a way to program the fax machine to do a mass fax. This is insane. It's completely timewasting and if I had had any clue about this before, I'd have taken it upon myself to organize it all before the release was due to be sent out.

Then! On the way home, I'm mopy and decide to stop at Walgreens and get some ice cream. While I'm there I realize I need a few other things, so I get 'em and then get to the checkout. I try to use this Visa debit card I have. It's prepaid, so I'm not worried about it. Except it won't go through. And so, I end up having to walk out without any of the stuff I wanted because I have no money in my actual checking account to cover it. *sigh*

I have never been quite so glad to get home before. You have no idea. Now, I need to figure out something for dinner, take a shower and watch Grey's Anatomy. Tomorrow, I'm wearing blue jeans and trying to get out early. *sigh*


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Those! bastards! Given all the shit they put you through, they should have given you tomorrow off! The worst part about the old contacts is that you would have gladly updated them at an earlier date.

Sara will make it all mejor.
(Have you got a thing for the name?)


10:01 PM  

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