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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Speaking of gender. . .

My confessed love of men in makeup -- genderfuckers all -- compells me to post this little photofest. Well, that and I wanted something pretty to look at. Yes, they wear makeup. But come on, does anyone doubt these are *men*?
(And yeah, I could post a lot more, but ya know. . .)

Frank Iero:


Billy Martin:

Davey Havok:

posted by Zan at 6:44 PM


I love Marilyn Manson.

9:22 PM  

Marilyn is a little too extreme for me. But I can understand the attraction. I dig his music and he's terrible smart in conversation. Plus, I'm a girl who loves a little darkness in her man ;) Or woman, really. Hrm.

10:43 AM  

Whoa, "too extreme"?! I never would've guessed.

Do you like the darkness because you're pale? I'm tan; I like white guys. Where I grew up, they called black & white coupling a "swirl."

6:00 PM  

Yeah, I know. What am I doing, eschewing extremes? But I think it's because he moves into the grotesque and not so much the beautiful. Which I like, but can only take in small doses.

And ya know, I have no idea, but I've always loved darkness. Black hair, dark eyes, dark dark dark. Maybe it's my way of ensuring any children I have will not spontanously burst into flames when venturing outside like I do. Hrm.

6:59 PM  

Hmm, I do love the pretty boys. I married one, after all. None of those appeal to me, though, plus I have an odd but immovable hatred of AFI.
Question - is the screen name from the Dir en grey song? Because if it isn't, with your love of pretty boys in eyeliner...girl, you're missing out big time! Toshiya is after all the king of all pretty boys.

4:10 AM  

Actually, the name is my nickname RL. And no, I don't know this Toshiya you speak of. But I will, soon. All Hail the Google :)

I understand odd hatreds. I can't for the life of me explain why I despise the color blue, but it makes me want to stab things in the eyes with tiny needles.

6:37 AM  

Hmm, I don't think they're going to New Orleans on this tour...shame.
I could send you pictures...I would up you a pic here but I don't think blogger allows that. Most of what you'll find on Google will be very old and not very impressive. I have a lovely picture of shirtless sweaty Toshiya as my LJ icon, though.
Blue, huh? So you want to randomly shoot arrows at the sky on sunny days? Eh, you should move to Britain, the sky's only blue there about 2 days a year.
And hmm...now that I think about it, given your fondness for very masculine + eyeliner the one you might REALLY take a shine to is Kaoru. For some reason the combination of pretty + eyeliner + goatee does terrible things to me.

5:42 PM  

Now see, I'm just kinda drooling at the moment. And no, I don't randomly want to shoot arrows at the sky :) I avoid the sunlight, so I don't see it all that much. I'd love to move to Britian, just can't figure out a way to do it. Well, there are Seattle. I hear it's not very blue there either.

5:55 PM  

No drooling, you'll short out your keyboard...does that mean you found the pictures?
I think Seattle might actually be worse than England. Definately not worse than Scotland, though.

6:37 PM  

Well, that explains it then. My family is originally from Scotland on my Mom's side. I'm just trying to return to my roots, is all.

And mmm, yes. I did happen to notice some pictures of some really, really, really beautiful Japanese boys and thought to myself...why did I not know about them before? Because...uh, yeah.

6:45 PM  

I'm Scottish but for some reason I didn't get the sun aversion gene. Maybe because my Dad's family was originally Welsh. I actually tan rather than the usual Scottish pattern of burn/peel/burn some more.
Ah, the pictures...I'm happy to bring the drool-worthiness to more people. You really should check out the music, though - given the stuff you're into already it should be right up your alley.
Not so much boys any more, though. Youngest one's 28 now.

7:35 PM  

Oh, I'll be checking out the music, fear not ;) I'm always looking for new bands. And ya know, it makes me feel good that the youngest is 28. I always feel better lusting after men that are ya know, more my age ;)

7:50 PM  

Makes me feel better too...the two guitar players are our age, the bass god will be 30 in a month or so...which makes the presence of screaming 12 year olds at shows even more bizarre. A couple of them nearly attacked me at the summer tour they did last year with Korn because drummer boy was flirting with me. Those little girls are kind of scary.
Advance warning though - the new album (Marrow of a Bone) is really heavy. The older stuff is less so.
Speaking of which, in terms of music, you should also check out D'espairs Ray. Best band to come out of Japan since Dir en grey.

8:21 PM  

I'll do that. Time to go checking out new music. Whoohoo.

And yeah, I'm all kinds of weirded out by the little 12 and 13 year olds going batshit crazy over men old enough to be their fathers. It's just....I get kinda squimish. And attacked you? Geez. I wanna shake them.

6:35 AM  

Let me know if you need help finding stuff, eh? I know where to download pretty much anything Japanese. Not that I'm encouraging illegal file sharing or anything.
The kiddies were very, very annoying. Actually I was more worried for the band's safety than mine. BUT...
One of the little girls called me a slut, despite the fact that I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers (tres sexy...except not), and drummer boy was the one coming on to me, not the other way around (and nothing untoward actually happened). I kind of wanted to pat him on the head more than anything else - "Aw look, our shy little baby's all grown up and flirting with older women. Bless."

4:12 PM  

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