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Monday, March 12, 2007

ZTV Cribs

Since Kim asked so nicely (and since I just got a digital camera to play with!) I present to you images from Zan's Cauldron. Keep in mind I've only lived in this place a few months and I'm not quite got everything personalized just so yet. I'll post more when I'm more settled. I still need to do my bedroom. Oy.

The view from my kitchen window:

I finally have a windowbox and decided I needed to have plants. So, here they are. Mostly, they're cacti, since those are hard to kill. Plus, I've got some lovely rosemary and spearmint! They smell sooooo good. I really love the purple cactus. See:

Next up, the Wall o'Cats. Okay, I admit it, I also put this up because I like to show off just how crafty I am. All those cross stitched pictures? Made by my little hands. I'm really good at it and I'm pretty happy with it. Also, cat is one of my totems. My first, actually. Since I was about 6 months old, I've attracted cats. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, they find me. I've gotten more comfort from cats than from people, frankly. They also saved my life once, when I was so suicidial the only reason I could come up with not to kill myself was that, if I were dead, no one would feed my cats.

And finally, my own personal shrine. You see those turtles? Another totem. When I get frustrated or anxious or just completely turned around, I have dreams about Turtle dancing. She dances in my dreams and reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moment. Take my time, remember that the universe is unfolding like it should and everything will work out. Just breath. The statue in the middle is Cupid and Psyche, which I got in Italy. The blue candleholder my brother brought back for me from China and the chimena was a gift from my mother from...New Mexico? I'm not sure.
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That windowscape is so appropriate, so Zanny.

There's an actual cauldron? Or at least the ingredients for one.

I like the pink thing in the green pot, but the purple cactus is purrfect w/ that pot.

Cupid & Psyche! She's such a moron.

8:46 PM  

Oooh, thanks Zan! A WALL OF CATS?! Love it! The window, especially that purple cacti. Wall of Cacti, next, maybe ? ;)

3:14 AM  

Oo I really like the window plants..(pardon whilst I covet for a second. Ok)

The wall o Cats is nice too. I have a wall o mushrooms, that I didn't put on my series.

7:24 AM  

pretty flowers!

i need a camera, dammit.

3:48 PM  

Amor and Psyche. I have a blue and white relief of it and Canova's sculpture was one of my favorites at the Louvre. Also one of those myths I've always been drawn to.

9:38 PM  

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