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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If I were an M&M. . .

She needs a whip, but there's Zan, the Chocolate Mistress of Pain! Gar!


posted by Zan at 7:18 AM


So what you're saying is that you dyed your hair green?

8:32 PM  

Well. . .no. I can get away with a lot at my job, but green hair? Not so much. But I want too...does that count? It would bring out my eyes ;)

6:27 AM  

If your eyes are green then you could dye your hair some variety of red. Could you get away with burgandy/wine?
PS I left you a present a couple of posts down on my blog. A whole post of nothing but pretty boys behaving suggestively with each other! Plus some humor.
PS the statue in your avatar...did you make that? Looks like teracotta.

4:21 PM  

Oh yeah. My best color is Egyptian Plum. It's goooorgeous.

And alas, I did not make my icon.

5:17 PM  

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