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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Story of my life?

Set your music playlist on random, list the songs that come up. Music for your life:

Opening Credits: God/Tori Amos

Birth: Fix Me Now/Garbage

First day at school: Saturday/Go Betty Go

Falling in Love: Happy Right this Second/Trinket

Fight Song: End of the Line/Concrete Blonde

Breaking Up: Everything in It's Own Time/Indigo Girls

Prom: Midnight Train to Georgia/Indigo Girls

Life: Precious Things/Tori Amos

Mental Breakdown: Late Again/MXPX

Driving: I'm Thinking/Autopilot Off

Flashback: In My Time of Need/Ryan Adams

Wedding: Dizzy/Luna

Birth Of Child: Push It/Garbage (Okay, now I'm laughing.)

Final Battle: Shimmer/Shawn Mullins

Death Scene: Ahab/MC Lars

Funeral: Out of Sight/Uncut

Ending Credits: Come on Home/Indigo Girls

--What? No Green Day? Is that allowed?

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