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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick Hit: Naked Bodies? Ok. Naked Breast Cancer Survivor? Banned!

This picture, painted by Rhon Drinkwater, was banned from an art show because it was deemed 'not family friendly'. The show contained other nudes, but this one was the only one deemed unacceptable. Why? Well, that's the question isn't it? The full story is here.

I'm sorry, but what's not 'family friendly' about this painting? When other nudes are being allowed?

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posted by Zan at 7:09 AM


Unbelievable. :(

11:29 AM  

Obviously because she is old, overweight, and imperfectly shaped (breast-wise), she is deemed not viewable. It's great to know that ageism and looksism is alive and well.


6:22 PM  

Ah, not only that, but she is also a cancer survivor. Evidenced by the mastecomy scar. It is annoying, isn't it?

6:24 PM  

That is a beautiful painting. I can't believe artists voted on the morality of displaying it! Argh! I would rather see this than fake boobs, real or painted. Her belly looks like mine.

7:10 PM  

It's extremely annoying... I read the comments on the artist's blog, and they were overwhelmingly in support of this picture and its message. I don't see anything objectionable about it. I have to agree with the artist--it must be because she's lesbian...

PS... You forgot the other R in Mermatriarch (on your list of read something good) :-P.

12:11 AM  

My first thought was...wow, what a beautiful, powerful painting. It is quite startling (because of its rarity) to see real women like this portrayed.

I am disheartened, but not at all surprised, that it was banned. We have such peculiar issues with women's bodies. No doubt had she been young, conventionally pretty and *appropriately* endowed, it would have been seen as perfectly family friendly. But for god's sake don't let women get the idea they have right to celebrate their real bodies, rather than some patriarchal ideal. All hell might break loose.

2:34 AM  

It is a beautiful picture. It's very powerful. I can't believe it was censored, although I shouldn't be surprised. Bah.

And, Fishy One, of course I forgot the extra r. Because everyone knows, I can't spell :) English Masters be damned.

6:24 AM  

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