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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick Hit: Kady rocks

The scene: My brother's home. In the yard sits a wayward, lonely little pug puppy. The other dogs refuse to play with her and the cats have mocked her. She is sad, sad, sad. She has also never been at this house before, but it seems friendly. As she sits there, a car pulls into the driveway. She stands up, hopeful, and wags her little tail.

In the car: Brian spots the dog and looks at Kim. Oh no. They know what this means. Is there a way to get Kady into the house without seeing the puppy? Ha. Not likely.

Kady, preceptive child, spots the puppy and makes for her like a beeline.

Kady (to puppy): Oh, my doggie! Where have you been? I've missed you sooooooo much!
Brian: Kady, we don't know where that dog has been. We don't know whose she is . . .
Kady (scooping up the now happy puppy and hugging her tightly): She's mine.
Kim: Kady. Someone may be missing her.
Kady (stubbornly): She's MINE.

And so, my niece now has a new dog. Her name is Missy. And she belongs to Kady. Period.


posted by Zan at 5:14 PM


I love your girl.

9:38 PM  

Me too :) She's the awesomest.

7:03 AM  

I was thinking she belongs to you the way the dog belongs to her.

6:47 PM  

I think she is, sometimes. Mineminemine. Don't anyone so much as look at her funny, because I will suddenly transform into a lion and you will not have a throat anymore. Hmp.

8:14 AM  

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