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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Did someone suggest Moi was not adorable?

China heard a vicious rumor that I was saying she does nothing adorable for the camera. After applying her claws liberally to my poor, bare skin, she deigned to pose for me. And so, behold the Bitch Queen of Everything:

Gaze upon me, mere humans, and whimper with jealousy that you are not as glorious as I.

Puny human. How dare you assume I would be amused by your feathers!

Come, feather, let me bite you. Hmm. You taste like lizard.

These feathers, they amuse me.

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posted by Zan at 7:14 PM


Awwwww! What a beautiful beautiful cat! I love Siamese mixes with that kind of face. The purebred's faces are too scary. What a sweetie!

10:37 AM  

O Queen, are you too good for My Cat Hates You?

4:35 PM  

She is my one, true love. She loves me even when others disappoint me. She lays at my feet as I blog, biting me occassionaly to make sure I don't fall asleep. She does. Indeed.

Actually, China is pretty much pure breed. She is, however, a Traditional Siamese as opposed to those puny little Siamese we're used to. The Trads look like she does, with the larger body and the nicer face. (What? Me, biased? Ha!) But in America, someone decided years ago to bred them for slimness and triangle faces. The Trads have almost been lost, which makes me sad. I would love to run a cattery of Trad Siamese. Maybe one day. . .

5:07 PM  

Trad Siamese!? Did not know someone took the time to preserve the breed!


9:21 AM  

Her Magesty China looks lovely and beautimous, as per usual.

3:16 PM  

Ahh, I didn't notice her size, but that must be why she's so gorgeous. Superthin animals worry me; I think about ribs snapping far more easily than pencils. Okay, I guess I'm thinking of a one-handed pencil snap.

7:06 PM  

Oh, fear not. China is in no danger of snapping. She's probably 15 lbs. even though she's not fat. She's got that good, large frame that Traditional Siamese have. (You can also look them up online by Applehead Siamese. They've got a fair number of catteries online. And the kitten pictures have given me kitten fever!!)

She's very healthy (as most Appleheads are) and has the most astounding eyes. (Again, as the Appleheads are known for :)

She is, however, mean! In a sweet way. I love her though, since I like difficult animals ;)

7:25 PM  

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