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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We can be Heroes

One thing I'm able to do, as I wait out this flare-up to go away, is watch t.v. Which is fine, because I am a television junkie. It's true. Zan is not a person who can go without a funcational television. No. So, anyway, one of my addictions is Heroes. I loves it. Madly. And they just ran the season finale. So I'm gonna write about it. If you haven't seen it, stop reading. Or not. But I'm gonna spoil you big time. You've been warned.

Overall, I loved it. I predicted how it would end long ago, but I still loved it. But a few things annoyed me.

The good:
  • Niki - finally, she goes from being whiny, homocidal brat to together, active woman. Whoohoo. It's about fricking time. Finally, it seems, Jessica is gone. I never understood why people assumed having another personality was Niki's superpower. Duh, that's just her mental illness. Her power is the fact that she's ungodly strong. (Think Rogue, without the life sucking touch.) Being motivated by love of her son and husband is a bit cliche -- of course, she was! She's a woman, right? Arg. But I did like her wacking the bad guy with a parking meter.
  • Mohinder -- I confess, he's my favorite. That big, sexy brain! I loves me a man with the smarts. Plus, I like the fact that he's just normal. Not a superpower. And he still kicks ass. Plus, he's snarky. (Bennett: You know, if Thompson's men find out he's dead, we'll be in trouble. Mohinder: Really? Well maybe you should have thought about that before you put a bullet in his head." Said while dumping Thompson's body in a trash bin. Funny.) Plus, he's all protective of Molly, his new pseudo-daughter. I loves me a man who can be fatherly too. Must be my damned biological clock again. Shut up clock.
  • Claire -- the only other female hero. (An oversight that's supposed to be cleared up in the next season, so say the producers.) She's not as active as I'd like her to be. I give her a bit of a pass, however, since she's only 16. Plus, she shows signs of toughening up. (Last episode, she was talking about going on patrol, jumping in front of bullets, pulling babies out of burning buildings, etc.) In the finale, she's the one who gets through to Nathan. (And she should, with her being his daughter and all.) Her explict rejection of him ("I already have a family.") because of his willingness to let Peter explode and kill millions of people, combined with her willingness to put herself in the line of fire, literally, shakes him up enough to get him to keep Peter from going BOOM in the middle of NYC. Now, granted, I'd like for her to have been hands-on active in the resolution, but I'm willing to let this go. For now.
  • Thompson and Linderman -- dead, dead, dead. Ha! Take that, you evil plotters of doom! And how easily they died. I rather liked it, given that bad guys on so many shows seem to be immune to death. But not these guys. A phased fist into your skull and a pair of bullets at close range -- not coming back from that, sorry. Unless you're Claire. Which they're not.
  • Sylar -- not dead. Yeah, I know, he's was the Big Bad Serial Killer. But he's sexy. And I kinda feel for him. Sorta. In that, he's cracked and it wasn't really his fault which doesn't excuse him for the murders but. . .way. Plus, he just wants to be the Good Guy. The Important One. ("Looks like you're the bad guy, Peter. Turns out, I'm the hero.") He's just got a warped way of getting there. But Sylar, stabbed and bleeding, crawling away down the sewer. Fitting.
  • Hiro -- taking Ando back to Japan. Hiro loves his best friend and he wanted him to survive, even if no one else did. So teleporting him waaaay out of the way was his way of doing that. And Ando understood.

    The bad:
  • Love is all it takes to save the world? Gah. Cheese! Yes, yes, we know. We get it already. But really, what it takes to save the world is Nathan flying Peter's ass up, up and away. Which I've been saying for weeks now! (Really, how frigging hard was THAT to figure out? Let's see....Peter's ready to go nuclear in the middle of NYC. Nathan can fly. Hey! How about this: why doesn't Nathan just fly Peter somewhere there aren't any people? So if he goes BOOM, he doesn't take anyone out with him? Huh? How about that? Yeah? So, if I can figure this out -- and I'm merely a not-so-special mortal -- why the hell didn't anyone else suggest it? I mean, come on.)
  • Too many men dominating the storyline. It's a major problem with the show, actually. Which has been brought to the attention of the producers and they've promised to fix it next year. We'll see. But, see, Claire is indestructable. She can't die! Nothing Sylar can do to her should be able to kill her. Hell, he shouldn't be able to take her brain because hey! she'll just heal it up. She's one bad ass girl. So why wasn't she the one saving the world? (I mean, she WAS the cheerleader that had to be saved to save the world, right?) I get that she was necessary so that Peter could absorb her ability and she could push Nathan into sacrificing himself. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I want her to be active! No more passive female heroes, got it? Good.

    So, I'd watch it Friday night on SciFi, if I were you. In fact, I'll be watching it again myself. Because it's THAT good.

    Also, next season? I want it to start already. We've been promised that the show will be more global -- more Heroes from other countries, not so Americentric. Which I'm all for. Think of it, truely strong women of color? Brown men presented as heroes, not terrorists? Proof of a world beyond our shores? Really? I'm impressed.

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    Hey, I'm glad you stopped by. I miss you.

    8:19 AM  

    I want Peter back. And I'm sorry to lose Nathan.

    7:35 PM  

    Oh, Peter is so not dead. He can regenerate, remember? He goes BOOM and before he falls back to earth, he's all together again and flying away to some place safe.

    As for Nathan? Well, I don't think he's necessarily dead either. I mean, it's possible he took Peter up high enough to be harmless and then let him go, to fly off somewhere safe too. So, I don't know. We won't know for sure until next season. Although, I have to say, this is one way to keep people tuning in.

    6:59 AM  

    Oh my god, I am so addicted to Heroes also! I do have a problem with the male dominated cast, but I do think it's cool that the characters with the physically strongest superpowers are female. The scene in the beginning of the series where Claire crashes the car with the guy who tried to rape her? THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME. I was so excited.

    I think the show is good about having characters that are fairly racially diverse, and there even being an interracial couple was pretty cool. That's not really a cultural taboo anymore, but it's still not something seen very often in primetime television serials. I do wish the show were maybe a little more fat positive. Officer Matt Parkman is really the only consistent "overweight" character on the show and he's ALWAYS wearing a jacket to cover his man boobs, even when he's in LA where it's fucking hot outside. Jeez.

    6:54 PM  

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