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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anonymous, smnonymous....

In honor of National Coming Out Day (what? You didn't know that was today? Shame on you!), I've decided to come out of the closet. The Anonymous blogger closet, that is. (Like anyone whose read a fraction of this blog is unaware of my bisexuality. Please. So that coming out has been and gone.)

Why? Well, the reason I was anonymous to begin with was because I was working out some stuff and wanted to do it on a blog where no one knew me. So, instead of my Livejournal, I started this little spot. I was wanting to talk about religion and sex and other stuff, without the people who knew me in RL knowing what I was doing. And I was also working for a company that would have fired my ass for blogging something that would make the company look bad. (Gannett is the DEVIL. Gannett is Satan's Handmaiden and is destroying journalism. Corporate media is BAD!!!!!)


Well, I no longer work for the Devil and I've worked through the crap I wanted to work through. Plus, now I have a Civil Service job that affords me lots of protection, so my job is pretty damned safe. I can't go around endorsing or harpooning any political candidates/parties, but other than that? I'm pretty much covered. (But I can still take positions on issues, so we're all good.)

And frankly, I'm going to be 33 next year. If someone has a problem with my faith or my sexuality, they can go fuck themselves. I'm an adult, this is America and you can just deal.

So, why should I stay anonymous? If people give me too much shit, I'll just blow this place up and start a new blog. *shrug* And so, I give you....Moi:

Admittedly, not the best photo I've ever taken and my hair is currently longer, darker and I have new glasses, but....that would be me, in all my glory. Gaze upon me and drool, for I know you want to.

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posted by Zan at 5:30 PM


*muah* here's to you beautiful!

8:16 PM  

I thought you'd look goth, and that not being anonymous meant telling everyone your full name.

7:39 PM  

No, I used to look Goth. Now I just look like, ya know, an English teacher. And anyone can find my fullname by using my email address :)

*sniffle* This means you don't love me no more?

7:41 PM  

Just sayin'. It would always have been weird because there's no way we can look like someone's mental image of us. It's a small part of the reason I don't post pictures of me.

2:25 PM  

You are just adorable! :)

8:58 PM  

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