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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do you know what's evil?

Migraines. That's what's evil. Migraines brought on by insane heat waves that make it feel like it's 114 degrees and keep your poor overworked AC from hitting over 85 and drive your electric bill up, up, up. That's whats evil. And you know what else? It makes me forget all the stuff I was going to blog about. I had lists! I had stories and pictures and musings. And I can't remember a damned thing, because the pain and nausea made it all go away. Gah.

I did, however, get TWO NEW KITTENS! Oh, they are the cutest things. Both white with gray spots. River is definately a boy and he's kinda mellow, in that "I'm the Tom Cat, why should I worry?" kind of way. Rain? Well....I'm not sure if Rain is a boy or a girl just yet. But Rain is very very curious and fearless, always running around and jumping into trouble. I call her (I'm pretty sure she's a girl, see) my little Rainiac, because she's kinda a maniac. She's currently chasing China around the house, despite the fact that China has rolled her over and growled at her within the last two minutes.

See, they were abandoned by their mother when they were two weeks old. Her milk dried up and so....my mom and brother rescued them and feed them by eyedropper until they were big enough to eat solid food. Well, they eat canned food anyway. So they're only about four weeks old. Adorable but tiny! River is funny. When he eats, he still eats like he's nursing...so he stretches his whole body over the food, nibbles and kneads little paws into the food. Which means his face and neck get really sticky, but he's so cute....I have to wash his face when he's finished and he just puuuuurrrrrrrrs while I do it. So very cute. They're catching up quickly though, figuring out how to give themselves baths without a Moma to teach 'em.

I just want to hug them! They're sooooo cute...


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I hope they didn't send you our heinous heat in order to produce the current cool clime here.

You've gotta write down the ideas; I guess the heat can suck the pen & paper away as well.

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