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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Universe Sucks

So, today was worse than yesterday. Of course.

I get into work and find an email from my boss, yelling at me in bold and caps! about a newsletter I've been working on. There are spacing problems. Well, duh. He insists that it all be justifed, which means that there are weird spaces between the words sometimes. If he'd just let me do it normally, there wouldn't be this problem. But noooooo. I have to get yelled at via email over a problem I tried to fix, but he wouldn't allow.

He's also mad because one of the stories in the newsletter is out of date. Well, duh. That's what happens when he can't get back to me on his edits in a reasonable time. I started this edition in JULY. He gave me a list of stories he wanted, and a deadline. So, I sat down, made out a schedule and had them done on time. He, however, did not have the two stories HE wanted to write done by the deadline. Or for another month after that. And when he did, he only did one of them and decided to just spike the second one. Fine. I get it into the format, give it to him and wait. And wait. For him to edit it and give it back to me for changes. Finally, he does. Gives me another deadline for the revisions. Which I meet. And now this. What.The.Hell.

And that was just the last damned straw for me. Just is. I don't get paid enough for this job, not with my experience and fricking Masters degree. I'm broke, my phone is now turned off because I couldn't pay the bill, my tv will be disconned next weekend and well...gah. I have a whopping $1.40 to last me two weeks.

Worst part? I haven't got the money for my medication. So, my Lupus is starting to come out of remission. I'm already getting the pain in my hands and arms again and the exhaustion is seriously causing problems. i'm on edge all the time, I'm just.....*sigh* I need a vacation. And a job with more money.

So, I'm going to spend the night working on my resume and cover letters. I found three new jobs to apply for today, I'm sure I'll find more tomorrow.

And I need to remember -- it's wrong, wrong, wrong to pray for people to errupt in a butt full of festering boils. It just is. Even though it's tempting.

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posted by Zan at 6:19 PM


But, but, this job was supposed to let you breathe! I can't believe your boss is so stupid, he doesn't understand how justification works. Is he the kind of person that never does anything his damn self? Two clicks would show him the difference between full justification and some other type. Assuming he had the file open and recognized icons.

Is there anything you can do part-time to help you in the short term?

Imagining the boils in great detail is okay.

3:36 PM  

damn straight.

7:56 PM  

I don't know -- I'd be tempted to pray for a butt full of festering boils for someone who drove me as crazy as this guy is driving you.

2:18 AM  

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